New York Is Introducing A Taxi Fare-Sharing Program That Encourages Passengers To Share Cabs With Strangers And Save On Fares During The Morning Rush Hour, Starting Friday, February 26th

New York Introduces Taxi Fare-Sharing

New York City Taxis

Do you work and play well with others? Do you like to share? If so, you're a perfect candidate for the taxi fare-sharing program that will be rolled out this Friday, February 26 in New York. (You’re also ready for preschool, but that’s another story.) “Group ride” rates are being started this week: Share a cab with strangers, and save big.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is planning a series of initiatives that will be rolled out over the next year. First up: the yellow cabs will have drop-off and pick-up areas during the morning rush hour, 6 am to 10 am. Also planned: Later in the year we’ll see “ride sharing,” where riders can hail cabs that already have passengers and split the fares.

Cab Sharing Program Takes Off with Discounted Fares

How will people know where the cabs are going? Some kind of signage will display the neighborhood towards which the cab is heading. Starting Friday, cabs will depart from areas including West 57th Street and Eighth Avenue, with drop-offs on Park Avenue between 57th and 42nd Streets; West 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue, with drop-offs on Park Avenue from 72nd Street to 42nd Street, and East 72nd Street and Third Avenue, with drop-offs on Park Avenue from 72nd Street to 42nd Street.

More than one person has to be in the cab for the discount to be applied, and fares per person will be $3 or $4, depending on location. Once a ride has started, no more passengers can be picked up. Fewer vehicles on the street; more transportation options; less money for passengers to shell out: Sounds like this ride is going the right way.