Whether Embracing Or Avoiding The Holiday, New Yorkers Can Witness A 7,000-Pound Ice Sculpture Of A Heart Melting In Times Square, To Romantic Weddings At The Empire State Building

NYC Uniquely Celebrates Valentine's Day

Ice Heart in Times Square

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you revel in this holiday, choose to ignore it, or haven't even checked your calendar, New York certainly offers its share of events, from the romantic to the just plain…odd. For starters, take a trip to Times Square (soon) where a 7,000-pound ice sculpture in the shape of a heart is slowly melting its way into viewers' hearts--and onto the ground. Designed by Robert and Granger Moorhead, two architects who also happen to be brothers, the sculpture was actually created to melt away in what they call a celebration of its temporary nature.

A commentary on love? Relationships? A way to while away the time? Who knows? The 10-foot-tall heart, which was finished on Friday, is made of blocks of ice and is designed to act like a kaleidoscope, magnifying and refracting the lights of Times Square. Over at the Empire State Building, the lights are red, pink and white in honor of the holiday, and 14 couples were married there yesterday, courtesy of wedding website theknot.com. (A heads up: Tomorrow the lights switch to red, white and blue in honor of President’s Day.)

Empire State Building Hosts Romantic Weddings

One couple was married at the 86th floor Observatory, while the others got hitched on the 61st floor. More than 200 couples have been married in the building, which has been open for weddings since 1994. This is the only time of year that the building allows these ceremonies to take place. So celebrate as you like-in New York, Valentine's Day can be whatever you want.