New York City Police CarIt’s not an earthquake or the fallout from a noisy party--it’s the New York City Police, and while they might not have their phasers on stun, they now have their cars on vibrate. Twenty-five New York City police cars were outfitted last week with a device called "The Rumbler," and another hundred plus were added earlier this week. The devices were tested in precincts throughout the city for almost a year before they were rolled out. What’s the point? Well, gabbing on your cell or to a friend next to you; texting; listening to your ipod; or merely being lost in a fantasy of moving to Barbados will no longer be enough to distract you from police vehicles trying to get through city traffic. The device emits a low-frequency sound wave that can be felt by pedestrians as well as drivers up to 200 feet away. In the car? No use trying to turn up your stereo to ear-popping levels, yelling at the kids in the backseat, or rolling up your windows—the vibrations can still be felt; it’s rumored that they may even be strong enough to rattle a rear-view mirror. Hmm. The system makes sense, sort of, since many New Yorkers seem oblivious to police cars trying to get by, especially at crowded intersections. Will the vibrations cause pedestrians to jump aside in panic or merely stand there dumfounded? Well, the new system will certainly grab everyone’s attention. Note: Any jokes—lewd or otherwise—that you are thinking of making have undoubtedly been made, most likely by the police themselves.