World of Disney Store

Disney pin fan? Love to trade? Trip to Disney World not in the offing this summer? No worries--grab your collection and head to the World of Disney Store on New York’s Fifth Avenue. The first Saturday of the month, from 10:00 am to noon, is the time for pin traders to show up. (Upcoming dates include August 1 and September 5.) For the uninitiated, pin trading has been around since 1999, at the start of Disney’s Millennium Celebration, and the pins are available at the stores, the resorts and theme parks, and online. Thousands of pins exist, and (believe it or not) guidelines for trading and etiquette are even in place. Pins feature everything Disney, from movies to theme park attractions to characters (we’re big Stitch fans, ourselves), and range in price, style, and availability. Those in the know wear lanyards (long ribbons that hang around your neck and display the pins: warning--they can get very heavy.) And don’t worry that it’s just for the under-12 set—adults are major collectors. While you’re at the store, pop up to the third floor and tour the Art of Disney Gallery; you’ll find posters, lithographs, giclees (generally, art prints created from an inkjet printer) and more. Of course, you’ll find plenty of Disney merchandise as well; for further information, call the store at 212 702-0702. They’re located at 711 Fifth Avenue, which is at 55th Street.