Julia Roberts performs in Three Days of RainUnlike last October when Katie Holmes had the spotlight all to herself as she made her debut in "All My Sons," this fall season of Broadway shows features a star-studded lineup with some major movie stars set to take the stage. The convergence of so many celebrities on Broadway in the fall season is merely a coincidence and producers say there was no premeditated push to get more celebrities in Broadway shows. So far the summer season attendance has been down 8.4 percent compared to last summer's season. The large amount of star-power is definitely expected to boost ticket sales, which should of course help New York City’s economy. The roster begins with Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in "A Steady Rain" coming in September, followed by Jude Law in "Hamlet" starting shortly after. Sienna Miller will debut in "After Miss Julie," James Spader in "Race," and Julia Stiles and Bill Pullman will star in "Oleanna." Hollywood stars often seek out stints on Broadway in New York City as a means for bolstering their credibility as an actor, even if there is no need to prove themselves. For instance, Julia Roberts made her Broadway debut in "Three Days of Rain" in 2006. Though her performance was panned by critics, the play still sold exceptionally well. While a famous name may not always ensure a shows success, it does create buzz and attract interest in Broadway, which is much needed now.