Tickets For New York City Broadway Week 2020 Went On Sale And Customers Faced Technical Issues And Limited Ticket Availability.

Broadway Week Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Discount Tickets For Theatregoers

NYC Broadway Week, a semi-annual event where tickets for popular Broadway shows are offered at a 2-for-1 discount, began ticket sales on January 8, 2020. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Broadway Week, which seeks to bring more theatregoers to Broadway during a traditionally quiet time of year for Broadway ticket sales.

The discount tickets are available for shows from January 21st to February 9th, the designated time frame of Broadway Week, which is actually two and a half weeks long and which seems to be getting longer every year. Next year this period may be called ‘NYC Broadway Month’.

How to Get Tickets

Broadway Week provides a great opportunity to see popular Broadway shows at affordable prices. To get tickets for NYC Broadway Week, simply click on the links below for each eligible show and follow the instructions to get discount code tickets.

Since the discount is advertised as 2-for-1, purchasers must buy a minimum of two tickets. However, every ticket bought above the minimum will be discounted at 50%, meaning theatregoers can buy three tickets and get all of them at 50% off.

The 21 Shows Eligible for Broadway Week Discounts

Ain’t Too Proud - The Life and Times of the Temptations : A jukebox musical about the journey of the popular 1960’s vocal group The Temptations.

Aladdin : A musical based on the popular 1992 Disney movie Aladdin in which a street urchin falls for a Arabian princess.

: A musical comedy based on Tim Burton’s 1988 cult classic film Beetlejuice, in which a couple descends into the paranormal underworld.

The Book of Mormon : A satirical musical written by the South Park creators about two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Uganda.

Chicago : A long-running musical revival set in the 1920’s in Chicago about two women accused of murder and the lengths they will go to, to avoid justice.

Come From Away : A musical set in the small town of Gander in Canada, where 38 planes were redirected shortly after the September 11 attacks.

Dear Evan Hansen : A musical about an anxiety-ridden 17 year old boy who gets caught up in a web of lies after the death of his bully.

Frozen : A musical based on the popular 2013 Disney animated film Frozen, which follows the adventures of two young princesses in the fictional land of Arendelle.

Girl From the North Country
: A musical featuring Bob Dylan’s folk songs that tells the tale of a family struggling to survive during the Great Depression.

Grand Horizons : A family drama focused on a couple who, after 50 years of marriage, decide to call it quits just as they move into a retirement community.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : A two-part play set 19 years after the events of the wildly popular book and movie series Harry Potter.

The Inheritance : A two-part play set in New York after the peak of the AIDS crisis in the 1980's.

Jagged Little Pill : A rock musical that follows a facing several hardships, set to Alanis Morissette’s popular music as the show score.

The Lion King : A long-running Broadway musical based on the popular 1994 animated Disney film about a young lion who must figure out how to rule a kingdom after his father’s unexpected death.

Mean Girls : A musical based on Tina Fey’s wildly popular 2004 teen film Mean Girls, where high school girls transcend their predictable roles and mature into better people.

My Name is Lucy Barton : A one-woman play based on a 2016 novel of the same name which focuses on a woman’s complicated relationship with her mother.

The Phantom of the Opera : A musical holding the title of Broadway’s longest running show which follows a disfigured man’s obsession with a beautiful young singer.

A Soldier’s Play : A play set in 1940’s Louisiana that deals with the aftermath of the murder of a young black military officer.

To Kill a Mockingbird : A play based on Harper Lee’s classic American novel To Kill a Mockingbird which follows the story of a lawyer, Atticus Finch, and his family as they deal with issues of racial inequality when he represents a young black man falsely accused of a crime.

West Side Story : A revival of the popular musical West Side Story, which is set in the Upper West Side of New York City in the 1950’s and deals with the conflicts between two opposing gangs and a forbidden romance that crosses the gang no man’s land at 68th Street.

Wicked : A classic Broadway musical prequel about the witches of the Land of Oz from the popular story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

NYC Broadway Week Continues to Face Technical and Inventory Issues

Year after year, users complain of issues that arise when tickets for the semi-annual Broadway Week go on sale. This year was no different, as many users faced long waiting times and error screens when trying to buy tickets either over the phone or online.

Additionally, big shows often provide very few tickets at discounted prices for Broadway Week, and errors have prevented some users from buying tickets before they sell out. At this time, Broadway Week tickets for Dear Evan Hansen, The Lion King, and West Side Story are all sold out and as this story is published, more Broadway shows will become unavailable.

Ticket brokers often will buy huge swathes of Broadway Week ticket inventory and then resell them for vastly increased prices.