Liev Schreiber And Scarlett Johansson Star In A View From The Bridge With A Strong Supporting Cast In A Tragic Drama By Arthur Miller

Liev Schreiber And Scarlett Johansson Star In "A View From The Bridge"

A View From the Bridge Broadway Show

In this tragic drama by Arthur Miller, a hard-working Brooklyn man finds that his developing obsession with his wife's niece leads to his downfall. Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson (in her Broadway debut) star as Eddie Carbone and the orphaned niece that Eddie and his wife have raised in this excellent revival, and both give award-worthy performances.

They are supported by an equally fine cast, including Jessica Hecht as Eddie's wife, Morgan Spector and Corey Stoll as the illegal immigrant relatives whose arrival at the Carbone household sets the tragedy in motion, and Michael Cristofer as the neighborhood lawyer who narrates the tale. They just don't make plays like this anymore, and Miller's writing is so good that he invests these working class characters' 1950s Brooklyn-based story with all the poetry and drama of a great Greek tragedy.