Internet-Driven Gimmicks Offer Free Promotion To Broadway Shows Designed To Intrigue Potential Buyers Like Spider-Man Offering Free Tickets To Anyone Named Tony

Broadway's "Spider-Man" Wins Most Tonys On Tony Sunday

Spider man on Broadway

Displaying a keen sense of humor, the infamous Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark celebrated the Tony Awards last week by giving away free tickets to anyone named Tony (or with similar names such as Toni and Antonio). As a result, Spider-man was able to claim -- with tongue firmly in cheek -- that it had broken the record for most Tonys on Tony Sunday.

It was a clever way for the musical, which only received nominations for Set and Costume design (it didn't win in either category), to turn its general snubbing into a funny, press release-worthy news item. Advertising and marketing gimmicks like this have a long history on Broadway, with producer David Merrick being one of the most notorious practitioners.

Internet Gimmicks For Broadway Shows

Today, many of the gimmicks are internet-driven, such as the Instagram meet-up hosted by End of the Rainbow or Next To Normal's special live-tweet performance. The current Jesus Christ Superstar revival held a secret concert for fans, spreading the word through social media.

Some gimmicks, like Bonnie & Clyde's posting of "Wanted" posters around town, are designed to intrigue potential Broadway ticket buyers. Other gimmicks, like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels handing out free cast recording CDs to entire audiences, are done with the hopes of creating positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.

Broadway Flea Market

Gimmicky Broadway merchandise can be a great way to get people talking about a new Broadway show. This season saw such buzzworthy promotional items as Evita tissues ("Don't Cry For Me, Argentina") and Stick Fly fly swatters. Promo items are often passed out at events like "Broadway on Broadway" and the Broadway Flea Market, where superfans receive them and then pass on the word to their friends.

And in the age of Facebook and Twitter, this kind of marketing is even more effective, since people can instantly upload photos to show their friends. In this way, the fans themselves are transformed into advertisers, proving that it pays to have a good gimmick.