Here Lies Love On Broadway Adopts An Unconventional Seating And Ticketing Model Not Based On Any Regular Broadway Theatre Seating Format

Here Lies Love Has A Complicated Seating Layout

Here Lies Love is a very different experience for Broadway patrons and the show has been described as part Rocky Horror, part Studio 54 and part Lip-Sync-Battle. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that audience seating is also very different from a conventional Broadway Show.

Seating at Here Lies Love is completely unconventional and is not based on any existing Broadway seating format. Prices for tickets are also all over the place. The show staging is quite unique and it's not been seen before on Broadway quite this way.

Here Lies Love Seating Chart
Here Lies Love Seating Chart

Unconventional Show Format On Many Levels

The show has weird seating and ticket prices, crazy mobile stages and actors, and a whole new approach to story-telling on the Great White Way.

No Intermission And No Bathroom Breaks During The Show

There is no intermission in this show, so it's important that you get seated properly and promptly. Some sections cannot be accessed after the show has started. With this in mind it's very important to understand where you are going to be seated and what your experience of the show will be like.

Here Lies Love on Broadway Floor Seats and Stage

No Orchestra Seating Available

First of all there are no orchestra seats at this show. Instead there is a standing room pit where all the orchestra seats have been removed. This pit location gives audience members the best personal experience for this show.

Floor Standing Seats

Audience members with tickets in this section are in the middle of the action and will be moved around a lot, as the stage is mobile and is constantly changing shape. This only works for people who are fully mobile and able to walk. Getting there early for a good spot is pointless as the show constantly moves people around in this section.

The downside of the floor standing pit is that audience members get moved around a lot. Being in the pit is a bit like a TV show recording, where they just keep moving them all the time. It's comes as no surprise that the show actually uses TV studio cameras as part of the show which makes it feel even more like a TV show recording.

Here Lies Love DJ on Broadway

Getting There Early For Photos and The DJ

For audience members in the floor standing area, getting there early for Instagram photos and to have some fun is a great idea There is a DJ (who unfortunately plays lame music) who starts 30 mins before the show and it makes the theatre seem like a club. The vibe is fun and totally Instagrammable.

Floorside Seating: Left and Right Sides Of The Theatre

On the sides of the theater there is some raised seating. it's not the best location because you're not in the thick of the action, but is is the second best place to be in the theatre and it's pretty close to the action that unfolds just a few feet away from you.

Here Lies Love VIP Room

VIP Room AKA The Window Room

What would have traditionally been the rear of the orchestra in the typical Broadway theatre for mat, is now named a VIP room for this show. This is where audience members effectively look through a window into the theatre. These are pretty miserable seats and should be avoided.

Patrons in this section miss whole chunks of the action when seated here. If patrons are going to the show for a second time it might be worth trying out these seats just for the experience, as the perspective is quite unique, albeit limited.

Here Lies Love on Broadway Mezzanine Tickets

Front Mezzanine Tickets

The front of the mezzanine is a half decent place to be for this show, as during the second part of the show a lot of the action is moved there as the producers recognize that they have to give these seats a better experience.

Rear Mezzanine Tickets

The Broadway Theatre is a large theater and when you sit in the rear of the theatre you are very far away from all the action, even when the stage moves. its a distant experience and should be avoided. In the rear mezzanine, anything further back than row F is a pretty awful experience and that is why the tickets are priced accordingly.

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