What Are The Cheap Broadway Tickets This Month: May 2024 Top Ten Cheapest Broadway Ticket List

Cheapest Broadway Show Tickets This Month: May 2024

Top 10 Cheapest Show Tickets on Broadway This Month

  1. The Heart Of Rock And Roll Average Ticket Price: $54.21 Highest Ticket Price: $267.00
    This show newcomer about the rise of the band Huey Lewis And The News is struggling to get out of the gate and they have dropped ticket prices considerably to drive some interest, but cheap tickets may be to no avail - as the show just isn't that good. Its doubtful this show will make it to July 2024.
  2. Lempicka Average Ticket Price:$57.34 Highest Ticket Price:$248.00
    This show is closing on May 19th, 2024 and this interesting musical is trying to get as many people to see it before it closes by dropping the price on tickets , despite the losses in revenue
  3. Patriots Average Ticket Price:$74.73 Highest Ticket Price:$273.00
    New show about Russian politics is struggling to get a foothold by selling cheap tickets, but its still worth a visit given the current political climate of the weaponization of the judicial system. You have only 5 weeks left to see this show and they keep doing 24 hour flash sale discounts at 50% off.
  4. Illinoise Average Ticket Price:$89.89 Highest Ticket Price:$299.00
    A rare transfer to Broadway from The Park Avenue Armory is a surprise initial hit, but its now struggling to fill all the seats in a big theatre and the tickets are cheap.
  5. Back To The Future: The Musical Average Ticket Price:$93.63 Highest Ticket Price:$267.00
    Despite a great first year, BTTF is now struggling to find audience as it is a classic tourist show - but tourists aren't going to it much - a lot of tourists are staying away from NYC and the cheap ticket price is moving the needle
  6. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Average Ticket Price:$94.08 Highest Ticket Price:$299.00
    This show has been around the block - from its pre-pandemic 6-hour version to its current 3 hour version - its classic tourist and fan stuff - but locals avoid it likes its the plague despite its new price tag
  7. Aladdin Average Ticket Price: $97.42 Highest Ticket Price:$215.50
    Classic Disney show that is still doing well and its a surprise to see it in the bottom 10 of the cheapest tickets on Broadway
  8. Mary Jane Average Ticket Price:$100.25 Highest Ticket Price:$299.00
    To see Rachel McAdams debut on Broadway is a bargain cheap ticket and not to be missed
  9. Chicago Average Ticket Price: $103.75 Highest Ticket Price:$237.00
    A classic show that continues to deliver and a now a bargain at this cheap ticket price
  10. The Book Of Mormon Average Ticket Price: $108.96 Highest Ticket Price:$252.00
    This show was no.1 on Broadway for a very long time, so its a bargain to see it now priced so low. The big stars have all long gone - but its still a classic show and worth a visit and the tickets are cheap

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