How to avoid the long lines and extreme temperatures of New York City and get your discount TKTS Broadway tickets in advance

TKTS Discount Broadway Tickets - Get Discount Broadway Tickets in Advance

New York City tourists regularly flock to the TKTS ticket booths in Times Square, South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn locations to buy same-day discount Broadway tickets to a variety of Broadway musicals and plays. But what never ceases to amaze us is that people don't realize that you can get exactly the same discount Broadway tickets in advance if you use a discount code at TeleCharge, TicketMaster, or at the box office.
Truth be told, tickets purchased with a discount code at the box office are ALWAYS cheaper than ones purchased at the TKTS ticket stand because the ticket stand charges an additional fee of $4.00 per ticket, but the box office does not.

TKTS Booth

There are many other disadvantages to the TKTS booth as well that should be considered when you are deciding how to get your discount Broadway tickets. At the TKTS booth, obviously you have no choice but to wait until the last minute, whereas with you have the option of getting your discount tickets well in advance and from the comfort of home (either by phone or on the internet). This allows you to avoid many of the annoyances of the TKTS booth, which includes waiting in a depressingly long line, being subject to the elements (e.g. rain, snow, heat, etc.), and being hassled by a multitude of irritating vendors hawking their wares.

Tickets in Advance at New York Show Tickets

By getting your tickets in advance through, you are afforded a wide selection of Broadway shows to choose from - at the TKTS booth, you just have to hope that they happen to be offering the show you want (and often, they aren't). Getting your tickets in advance with also provides you with greater choice when it comes to seat selection, whereas at the TKTS booth you usually just have to take whatever tickets happen to be at the top of the pile.
You also have more payment options when you buy discounted Broadway tickets through At the TKTS booth at the South Street Seaport and at the one in the Brooklyn location as well, only cash is accepted to purchase tickets. When using nytix discounts, though, you can use credit cards when you order online or by phone, and you can choose credit or cash if you're buying your tickets directly at the theater box office

What are the benefits of using to buy your Broadway Show Tickets instead of buying them at the TKTS Ticket Stand:

In person at TKTS Ticket Booth

Online at

Buy Tickets In AdvanceNOYES
Ticket PriceNormal Discount Price Ticket
+ $4 per ticket fee from TKTS
Same (or better) Normal Discount Price Ticket
One-time membership fee of $4
Buy as many tickets as you want for just one fee
Ticket Purchase MethodLong wait on line in the street on the day of the showInstant Internet purchase of ticket in advance of show
Get Wet in the RainVERY WETSTAY DRY
Get Hot in the Sun and Heat in SummerVERY HOTSTAY COOL
Get Cold in the WinterVERY COLDSTAY WARM
Get Accosted by Vendors Hawking all sorts of goods while waiting on the line at TKTS boothLOTS OF ANNOYING VENDORSNO VENDORS
Choose Your SeatNO - You are only allowed to buy by pot luck, cannot choose seatsFULL CHOICE of all available tickets
Pay with Credit CardOK at Times Square Booth, other booths don't allow credit cardsCredit Cards Welcome
Pay with PaypalNOPaypal Welcome For Membership
Ticket AvailabilityCan only sell whatever tickets that are left after all other sales have been completedPurchase all types of tickets in advance, much better choice than the on-the-day pot-luck at TKTS
Free tickets for kids - Through the "Kids on Broadway" ProgramNOYES
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Not only do you get a better price with a discount code, your choice of available tickets is also better, as inventory is always better in advance than on the same day. In addition, you don't have to spend time standing in line in the weather.
The choice is clear, is a far superior method to buying tickets from the TKTS ticket booths in New York City

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