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Cheap Broadway Tickets

Cheap Ways to Get Broadway Tickets In New York City

thin line With over 15 different ways to get discounts on Broadway show tickets, getting a Broadway ticket at a low price can be a daunting task.
Our Discount Broadway TickeT OFFERS LIST has the up-to-date Broadway show offers that are available today.
We also have a comprehensive Broadway discount guide that provides all the insider information you will need to get the very lowest price for your Broadway show tickets BROADWAY Ticket Guide

15 Different Methods of Getting Cheap Broadway Tickets

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Discount Ticket Codes for Discount Broadway Tickets

Broadway Ticket Discount Codes and Coupons

Discount ticket codes exist for most Broadway shows and are distributed for marketing purposes to generate sales and buzz - This is the most popular method to obtain discount Broadway tickets in advance and its a great way to avoid the TKTS discount ticket stand.
broadway discount codes
TKTS - Half Price Ticket Stand for Discount Broadway Tickets

TKTS - TDF - Theatre Development Fund Half Price Ticket Stand in Times Square

Discount Broadway tickets are available at the TKTS tickets booth - only good for the same day of purchase and there are three discount ticket stands across the City
tkts tickets
Standing Room Only - SRO for Discount Broadway Tickets

Standing Room Only - SRO

An extremely cheap way to see a Broadway show is "standing room only" - You may have to stand for the whole show, there is no guarantee of getting an actual seat, but these ticket discounts are often quite large. Often seats get freed up during the show and the usher will seat you.
sro tickets
Anyone RUSH Tickets for discount Broadway Tickets

Anyone RUSH Tickets

Anyone can buy these discount tickets that get you into many of the top Broadway Shows - These discount are used to create a marketing buzz and reward true fans of the show - front row tickets often offered for just $20
broadway rush tickets
Student RUSH Tickets For Discount Broadway Tickets

Student RUSH Tickets

These discount Broadway tickets are only for full-time students - They are allowed to buy two tickets to the Broadway show and the 2nd person does not have to be student. These tickets are usually around $25. These are often great seats student rush tickets
Partial View Broadway Tickets

Partial View Tickets

Broadway theatre seats can sometimes have poor viewing angles, obstructions or poor audio - The show producers often recognize this and discount the ticket an appropriate amount. Ticket resellers often repackage these "Partial View" tickets and resell them for full price
partial view tickets
Audience appreciation Discount Broadway Tickets

Audience Appreciation and Broadway Rewards

Discounts on Broadway tickets are granted to fans of Broadway shows as a loyalty reward in the form of points- The catch is these discount Broadway tickets can only be used by the buyer, not transferable and the points expire broadway rewards
Student and charity Discount Broadway Tickets

Student and Charity Tickets

Special discount Broadway tickets are given to student and charity groups affiliated with certain agencies and other Broadway related charities. Its not usually the top shows, but these discount tickets are well priced
student charity ticket
Wednesday Matinee Discount Broadway Tickets

Wednesday Matinees

Broadway tickets were discounted on Wednesday matinees for senior citizens, but now anyone can also get these discounts - The actual discount isn't that big anymore, but they often discount top Broadway shows.
Starving artist Discount Broadway Tickets

Starving Artist Tickets

Out of work actors and other "creative" types can get these discount Broadway tickets. These discount tickets are usually distributed through art and cultural institutions. but associate members can also get them
Email Alerts - Discount Broadway Tickets

Email Alerts

When a Broadway show cannot fill all the seats in the Theatre, it often sends out a discount Broadway ticket offer via email to sell the excess ticket inventory at a substantial discount - we send these discount ticket offers to you via email
email alerts
Group Discounts - Discount Broadway Tickets

Group Discounts

Groups of 10 people or more can get discounts on Broadway tickets ranging from $5 - $20 off each ticket, even for the sold-out top shows when no other discounts are being offered anywhere
group discount broadway tickets
For Discount Broadway Tickets

Premium/House Seats

To reduce ticket reselling, unsold "premium" orchestra tickets are set aside until the last minute, then sold at a big discount at the box office that often runs at 50% of their face value, even for the top Broadway shows
premium broadway tickets
Preferred and House Seats Tickets Discount Broadway Tickets

American Express - Preferred Seating /Presale

Credit card companies American Express, Visa and Mastercard leverage their relationship with the Broadway theatres and pre-reserve blocks of Broadway tickets that go on sale only to their card holders at big discounts
amex tickets to broadway
Second Acting Discount Broadway Tickets

Second Acting

Much to the chagrin of Broadway Show theatre managers everywhere, Jim Halpert and his "then" girlfriend Karen Filippelli, in NBC's The Office, demonstrate how to perform the art of "Second Acting" to get into a Broadway show for free during the intermission.
second acting
Kids Night on Broadway

Kids Night On Broadway

Kids get free tickets to Broadway shows on the monthly event, the Broadway League's Kids Night on Broadway. The only catch is that Accompanying adult has to buy the full price Broadway show ticket (for the same show) to get the free tickets for Kids.
Kids night on broadway tickets

Discount Broadway Ticket Availability
As Broadway Tickets can come from so many sources, it is a good idea to compare the various ticket sources and see what kind of discounts that you can expect to see in each of them:
Click Here for the discount broadway ticket Source guide