New Countdown Clocks Will Be Coming To Many New York Subway Stations After Significant Software Flaws Delayed The Project Completion

Countdown Clocks Come To New York Subway Stations

New York Subway Train

In the never-ending annals of the never-ending plans for New York’s vastly complicated transportation system comes some (potentially) good news: Countdown clocks will be arriving at several subway stations by the end of next month, with others to follow.

An announcement was made Monday that subway riders on the number 6 train will be the first to utilize the countdown clocks. Three stations in the Bronx will lead off, followed by the rest of the 6 line and all other lines by the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011.

Software Flaws Cause Delays

Nearly 150 other stations along the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines will be rolled out in addition to the 6 line. Wondering about the 7 line? It was supposed to get the clocks as part of a separate project that was due to be completed in 2006. It’s now (obviously) many years overdue, and the original price tag of $170 million is now projected at closer to $200 million--just for that line.

The separate $200 million project for the other lines has encountered a number of snafus, including a serious flaw in the software that was discovered a year into the project. At the moment, countdown clocks can be found only on the L and the 34th Street bus corridor. Bus riders, take heart--clocks are due to be installed at the 50th Street route as well—but no launch date (surprise, surprise) has been set.