Broadway Shows Did Not Close When Winter Storm Blizzard Grayson Arrived In Nyc On Thursday 01/04/18 And Only 4-7 Inches Of Snow Fell In Nyc


Winter storm blizzard Grayson arrives in NYC in the early hours on Thursday 01/04/18 and will run through to the same early hours on Friday 01/05/18. It is forecast to dump anywhere from 4-7 inches of snow on NYC. Although Winter Storm Grayson may have scary names like a Bombogenesis and a Bomb Cyclone, it is not anticipated to bring that much snow to NYC, just some very strong winds and freezing temps for a few days after the event has passed.

All NYC schools will be closed and many people are getting a snow day off from work, but Broadway show performances are not expected to be affected and will go ahead at their normally scheduled performance times. All NYC public transportation will operate with some weather delays. The mayor has asked people to avoid driving in NYC so that the snow plows can do their job.

Winter Storm Grayson Jan 04 2018 Snow Forecast