The TKTS Discount Ticket Booth In Times Square Now Sells Same-Day Matinee And Evening Tickets Together On Certain Days, Offering Flexibility For Broadway And Off-Broadway Ticket Buyers

TKTS Makes Buying Broadway Tickets Easier

TKTS Booth in Times Square

The TKTS discount ticket booth in Times Square has just made buying same-day tickets a little simpler for the multitudes of Broadway and Off-Broadway theater ticket buyers that wait in line there each day. As of earlier this week, the TKTS half price booth is now selling tickets for both matinee and evening performances simultaneously on two-performance days (which are generally Wedesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays). Previously, you could only buy matinee tickets at the booth between 10am and 2pm, with evening tickets being sold 3-8pm. The change is particularly helpful for theatergoers who have a flexible schedule and are free to buy either matinee or evening tickets.

Another major change that the TKTS Times Square booth, now in its 40th year operating in the heart of the Broadway theater district, has made is to start offering full-price tickets at Window #1. The booth was designed to offer both tourists and local Broadway theater lovers an opportunity to buy discount tickets and has been valued for that reason over the decades. However, many Broadway fans also want to see popular Broadway shows that are not offering discounted tickets, so the booth can act as a source of "one-stop shopping" for those people. The Full-Price Ticket Window will most likely be used primarily by tourists or non-locals who don't realize that you can purchase full-price tickets directly at the show's theater box office without waiting in the long line at TKTS.