Trader Joe's LogoUpper West Siders in New York are nothing if not picky about their food: complaining about the lack of good restaurants and comparing notes on where to get the best artisinal cheese is considered a badge of honor. Now, residents above 59th Street have reason to rejoice--after literally years of rumor and speculation, iconic gourmet food store Trader Joe’s is coming to the city’s Upper West Side. A new luxury tower, called The Corner, has just been completed on 72nd and Broadway in Manhattan. (Really? In this economy?) One of the stores that will anchor the ground-floor area is Trader Joe’s; it’s expected to open later this year. The building has 50,000 square feet of commercial space; the new store will take over two floors on the corner. One of the other commercial spaces has been rented to Bank of America (of course), and a third remains vacant. Trader Joe's is much loved for its lines of foods that cater to everyone from vegans to the stroller set, with an especially good line of their own products. Prepared meals, kosher foods, ethnic specialties, fat-free, vegetarian--they’ve got it all, and it all comes with a kind of cool, downtown vibe that adds to its appeal. There’s already a Trader Joe's store on 14th Street in Manhattan, but face it, who wants to bring all those groceries uptown on the subway? With Citarella and Fairway just blocks away from the new location, and a new Whole Foods further uptown, Upper West Siders may have to find something new to complain about.