Despite The Lingering Chill, Macy's Annual Flower Show In Herald Square Is Heralding The Arrival Of Spring With 30,000 Plant Varieties From Around The World, Themed As Spring Is In The Air

Herald Square Blossoms with Flower Show

Macy's Flower Show

Spring has officially been around for a week now, but even though you may not be able to tell by the temperature outside, all you have to do is wander by Macy's on Herald Square (151 West 34th Street; 212 695-4400) for the annual flower show, which runs through April 11. Kicking off today, the main branch of the famous department store will play host to 30,000 varieties of trees, flowers and plants from around the globe. Although not quite as famous as the store's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it’s a traditional harbinger of spring in the city, and a must-see for garden fans.

The theme, “Spring is in the Air,” honors both city gardens as well as tropical locales, and free 20-minutes guided tours will be offered every half hour between 11 am and 4 pm for those who wish more of an up-close experience. Keep your eyes on the skies (or at least the ceiling) when you’re at the show—hot air balloons holding floral displays, biplanes (a traditional sign of spring?), and kites will waft through the air. The show features 10 different garden areas, including topiary and palm sections.

Designer Gardens and Floral Delights at Macy's

You can also check out designer areas inspired by gardens and flowers, such as “tablescapes" (the rest of us may know them as place settings), and even the Colonial Williamsburg Pleasure Garden in The Cellar, which features gardening tools and herbs used in the 18th century. Storytelling, seminars, and lectures are among the events offered in conjunction with the show, such as today’s floral arrangement presentation at 1 pm. Flower shows are also taking place at other Macy’s around the country, including ones in Philadelphia, Minneapolis (face it: they need it even more than we do) Chicago, and San Francisco.