A September 11 MemorialA temporary New York City chapel containing unidentified remains of September 11 victims was set ablaze last weekend in what police are calling a definite case of arson. Although the remains themselves were untouched, most of the mementos and candles left by loved ones were either damaged or stolen. The tented building (which was also largely undamaged) serves as a temporary resting place for the remains until they are moved to a permanent location at Ground Zero; it stands behind the chief medical examiner’s office on East 30th Street in what is known as Memorial Park. Twenty-six-year-old Brian Schroeder, who’s originally from Texas, was arrested in connection with the crime. The Harvard Law School graduate supposedly set the memorial on fire as part of a drunken prank. Firefighters responded to a call before 9 am last Saturday (Halloween) and found remains of the fire still smoking. How Schroeder was able to simply walk into what was supposed to be a high-security area is uncertain, to say the least. He turned himself into the police on Sunday. Not surprisingly, the posh New York law firm that had made him a job offer—and in which he worked last summer--has since rescinded it.