The World Trade Center Memorial Museum Preview Site Unveils A New Audio Collection Of Stories From Victims And First Responders Of The Terrorist Attacks

September 11th Memorial Preview Site

World Trade Center Memorial Site

The World Trade Center Memorial Museum preview site (20 Vesey Street) is unveiling an audio collection today, consisting of almost 600 recordings from families and friends of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Stories from first responders are also included.

Visitors can both hear those stories and also record their own recollections and contributions in a separate booth. Some of these memories will become part of the Museum’s permanent collection. Visitors can also hear stories from people who actually witnessed the attacks.

Museum Opens September 11, 2012

The actual museum is set to open on September 11, 2012. It will offer artifacts ranging from parts of the original towers to tributes left for the victims. The memorial is slated to open earlier. The recordings are meant to serve as a resource for those who want more information about the attacks, as well as a way to honor the victims.

The site is free and open to the public; it’s located across from the site of the permanent memorial. Visitors can go to for more information. The website gives up-to-date information about the progress of the memorial as well as the history and impact of the attacks.

National Memorial Completes Another Phase

In other news about the Memorial, two reflecting pools for the September 11 National Memorial at the World Trade Center site have been totally framed in steel, meaning that another phase has been completed.

When the Memorial is complete, it will contain 8,100 tons of steel. The pools, which sit in the footprints of the original towers, will pump 52,00 gallons of recycled water every minute. The Memorial Plaza will also contain 400 oak trees surrounding the pools.