Megan Mullally, One Of The Stars Of The Upcoming Broadway Revival Of Terrence Mcnally's Lips Together, Teeth Apart, Has Unexpectedly Left The Production Just Two Weeks Into Rehearsals

Megan Mullally Departs Broadway Production

Megan Mullally

Roundabout Theatre Company has just released a statement saying that Megan Mullally, one of the stars of the upcoming Roundabout revival of Terrence McNally's four-hander, "Lips Together, Teeth Apart," has dropped out of the production. Statements from Roundabout artistic director Todd Haimes and from McNally indicate surprise and upset at Mullally's exit, which is happening two full weeks into the production's rehearsal, but word on the street is that Mullally has been clashing with director Joe Mantello, who has a reputation for being hard on actors.

With this loss, "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" will have to delay its first preview (originally scheduled for April 9). A replacement is due to be announced shortly. Mullally herself has yet to make a statement about the cause of her departure.