The producers of How the Grinch Stole Christmas were granted the injunction that they filed yesterday, and now Jujamcyn will have to open the doors of the St. James Theatre so that the musical can resume performances. Grinch will officially re-open on Broadway this Friday, November 23, just in time to snag those lucrative holiday weekend bucks.

But the courtroom drama isn't over. Today the Nederlander Organization, owner of nine of the theaters currently shut down due to the strike, filed a suit against Local One. As with the Grinch situation, this lawsuit stems from the fact that the Nederlanders are under a different contract than the one currently in dispute. However, this situation is a bit more complicated because a) the Nederlander-Local One contract is also expired, and b) prior to the strike, the Nederlanders sent Local One a letter basically stating that they would be acting in solidarity with the other theater owners.