After 3.5 Years, Donald Trump Completes The Construction Of A New Luxury Hotel-Condo In New York Catering To The Young And Hip Luxury Crowd

Donald Trump Completes Luxury Hotel-Condo In New York

Trump Soho Hotel

Perhaps you thought that what New York was missing during this faltering economy was yet one more luxury hotel? If so, Donald Trump agrees with you—the new Trump SoHo Hotel opened yesterday at 246 Spring Street in Manhattan. (Call 212 842-5500; or 877-828-7080 for reservations.)

The 46-story building cost more than $450 million. It's a combination hotel-condo--if you are so inclined, you can buy a unit and then rent it to guests. Prices start at $1.2 million, with hotel rates ranging from $400-$600 a night. The hotel has 391 guest rooms, many of which offer floor-to-ceiling windows.

"The Spa At Trump" Will Open This Summer

Trump and his three children presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the building, which took 3 1/2 years to complete. The hotel is meant to appeal to a young, hip, downtown-type of crowd. It includes a library, called, yes, The Library, where cappuccino and wine can be sipped while perusing arty tomes; and Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, a northern Italian restaurant.

The Spa at Trump will open this summer and will feature a luxury hammam experience. (A hammam is a kind of Turkish bath, for those who wish to be au courant.) Of course, guests can enjoy the outdoor pool deck in season. In addition, a manicured open space along the east side of the building offers an area for guests to hang out.

Business Cards For Kids

Kids have not been left out of the equation—among the many amenities offered, kids can have their very own business cards, as well as access to a kiddie cocktail menu. Extra swizzle sticks, please. Can doggie margaritas and personalized kitty litter boxes be far behind?