Spring Exhibits At The New York Botanical Garden Feature Photographs By Larry Lederman, Poetry By Emily Dickson, And Beautiful Flowers Galore

Spring Exhibits At The New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical garden

Even in New York City, it’s possible to appreciate spring, in the parks, window boxes, and even small areas on streets where trees are in bloom. But if you really want to appreciate it, a trip to the New York Botanical Garden may be in order.

For starters, you can catch the Orchid Show before it closes on Sunday (“The Orchid Show: Cuba in Flower.”) It looks at the exotic tropical flowers of Old Havana. Also there through Sunday: “The Presence of Trees: An Exhibition of Photography” by Larry Lederman. The images on display were taken mainly at the Botanical Garden as well as in Westchester; it’s in the Arthur and Janet Ross Gallery.

Orchids, Primroses, Cherry Trees, And More

Opening on April 16, check out the 4th Annual Auricula Theater of Primroses, where primroses galore will be ablaze in the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden. The Auricula is a type of primrose with amazing flowers—presenting them is a tradition that goes back to 17th Century England. The show closes on May 9, 2010. Coming up at the end of the month: “Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers” (April 30-June 13, 2010.)

Spread across 250 acres, the exhibition offers a look at Dickinson’s love for nature, as well as her life story. All this, of course, is in addition to ongoing permanent collections and programs, from the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden to a Home Gardening Center and displays of flowering cherry trees (catch them before they’re gone!) The New York Botanical Garden is at the Bronx River Parkway at Fordham Road. Call (718) 817-8700 for more information, or log onto their website at nybg.org.