Broadway is fairly consistent overall, with about half the shows decreasing and half increasing from last week. The Lion King and Hamilton are still mega hits, although Hamilton did decrease by a very negligible amount this past week.

This week’s notable movements on Broadway are:

Some Top Broadway Shows Gained, Some Lost - A Fairly Consistent Overall Week

In the week ending July 31, 2016, the Broadway industry as a whole saw a negligible difference in gross ticket sales. Of the 27 shows currently running, 15 saw an increase in ticket sales, and 12 saw a decrease. The biggest increase was seen by The Lion King, which went up by $243,543 to reach a weekly gross of $2,554,453, which represents 97.2% of its gross potential. Especially in the summer, there seems to be a never-ending demand for this hit show, which strikes the right balance between kid friendly and spectacle filled fun for the whole family. The next biggest increase was seen by The Book of Mormon, which went up by $115,293 to reach a weekly gross of $1,462,531, which represents 96.6% of its gross potential. Though significantly less kid friendly, The Book of Mormon shares with The Lion King a brand presence established by a movie or television show that predated the stage show. The next biggest increase was seen by what is arguably the season’s largest flop: Motown the Musical went up by $103,215 in its final week of its run, which amounted to only three weeks. Therefore, although this six figure increase only brought the weekly gross to $587,549, or 50.7% of the show’s gross potential, it demonstrates that at least some people bought tickets due to the limited availability of the closing show. Meanwhile, the biggest decrease was seen by Cats, which went down by $98,280 to reach a weekly gross of $755,353, or 71.8% of its gross potential.

“Hamilton” Finally Demonstrates That It Just Can’t Keep Going Up In Sales Forever

Even in weeks when most shows go down in ticket sales, Hamilton is often on the up and up. However, this past week, when just over half of the shows saw an increase in ticket sales, Hamilton actually experienced a decrease. Of course, the decrease was negligible; it went down by $4,846 to reach a weekly gross of $2,041,865, or 105.1% of its gross potential. Therefore, this is not an indication of any sort of slag in interest in this miraculous hit show, but rather just merely to illustrate that every show must demonstrate its mortality every once in a while. In this case, Hamilton appears to have set its course as a show bringing in over two million dollars every week, and yet there is still room for this growing interest to slow ever so slightly in a given week. The shows' revenue can also be misleading, with Hamilton tickets on the secondary market selling for up to five times face value, but those numbers not being taken into consideration in the weekly data. This past week, the top face-value ticket price was $475.00, and the average paid face-value admission was $189.95. In reality the number was more like $350.00. This weeks audience was filled up to an average capacity of 101.8%. The only other show to bring in over two million dollars this past week was The Lion King. Even Wicked, which plays in a much bigger theatre than Hamilton and is often at the top of the list, or just behind The Lion King, brought in only $1,899,742, which represents 106.7% of its gross potential. This is an increase of $2,755 from the week before. The following are the Broadway ticket sales numbers for the week ending July 31, 2016:Broadway show ticket analysis chart
# Show Name GrossGross TotalAttn %Capacity AvgPdAdm
4 ALADDIN $1,711,547 13,568 98.20% $126.15
27 AN ACT OF GOD $311,773 3,838 63.71% $81.23
18 AN AMERICAN IN PARIS $662,309 8,451 62.92% $78.37
14 BEAUTIFUL $743,194 6,920 84.31% $107.40
13 CATS $755,353 9,371 97.65% $80.61
21 CHICAGO $594,913 6,970 80.67% $85.35
17 FIDDLER ON THE ROOF $665,308 8,831 64.67% $75.34
20 FINDING NEVERLAND $629,900 8,593 71.42% $73.30
24 FULLY COMMITTED $468,583 6,205 84.86% $75.52
26 FUN HOME $386,965 5,035 85.05% $76.86
2 HAMILTON $2,041,865 10,755 101.77% $189.85
23 JERSEY BOYS $548,113 6,259 63.71% $87.57
16 KINKY BOOTS $677,763 7,237 63.53% $93.65
11 LES MISÉRABLES $947,202 10,834 96.11% $87.43
9 MATILDA $997,525 11,173 97.53% $89.28
22 MOTOWN THE MUSICAL $587,549 6,639 71.05% $88.50
15 ON YOUR FEET! $702,076 7,520 57.81% $93.36
10 PARAMOUR $981,468 10,808 71.26% $90.81
6 SCHOOL OF ROCK $1,226,997 11,675 97.62% $105.10
19 SOMETHING ROTTEN! $640,745 7,627 71.09% $84.01
5 THE BOOK OF MORMON $1,462,531 9,816 102.31% $148.99
12 THE COLOR PURPLE $777,695 7,913 94.11% $98.28
25 THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME $461,263 6,232 76.52% $74.02
1 THE LION KING $2,554,453 15,164 99.34% $168.46
8 THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $1,016,634 11,093 86.39% $91.65
7 WAITRESS $1,042,654 8,209 98.19% $127.01
3 WICKED $1,899,742 14,484 97.00% $131.16
TOTALS $25,496,118 241,220 82.92% $100.34
Broadway ticket sales raw data are provided courtesy of The Broadway League. All other data, text, opinion, charts and commentary are copyright © 2016