This Past Week Was A Strong Box Office Week On Broadway, Led By New Shows As Well As Continued Strength Of Long-Running Hits

Springsteen, Waitress, Frozen, Dear Evan Hansen Going Strong

bruce springsteen
In the week ending March 11, 2018, Broadway is showing signs of warming. Of the 29 shows currently running, the total gross was $29,425,563, an increase of $3,602,168. This represents a per-show average weekly gross of $1,014,675, an increase from last week’s average of $890,462. The stark increase is due to new shows entering full performance weeks for the first time, along with older shows demonstrating renewed strength. The biggest increase was seen bySpringsteen on Broadway, which went up by $480,137 to reach a weekly gross of $2,396,015 across its full week of five performances, or 100.5% of its gross potential.
Frozen on Broadway logo
Frozen went up by $469,929 to reach $1,453,464 over 7 performances, which represents 100.4% of its potential. Waitress starring Sara Bareilles in her final week demonstrated a strong upsurge, going up by $270,758 to reach $1,133,417, or 111.2% of gross potential. Starting this week, the part of Jenna will be taken over by Stephanie Toms, filling in the gap until Katharine McPhee begins performances on April 10. We can therefore expect to see a downward trend until McPhee enters. Dear Evan Hansen is still thriving, bringing in a weekly gross this past week of $1,654,008, or 116.1% of its gross potential.

New Spring Shows Also Contribute to Bolstered Revenue

three tall women
Angels in America entered a fuller week of seven performances, bringing in $994,785, or 69.5% of its potential. Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women also played seven performances, bringing in $497,066, an increase of $213,770, and which represents 70.4% of the show’s potential. Kenneth Lonergan’s Lobby Hero went up by $111,529 to reach $372,855 in its full week of eight performances, which represents 58.4% of gross potential.

The Scott Rudin produced revival of Carousel went up by $163,120 in a week of seven performances to reach $865,507, which represents 61.0% of its potential. The Parisian Woman saw a slight uptick in its final week, going up by $83,968 to bring in $467,853, which represents 45.1% of its potential. Despite the star power of Uma Thurman and the House of Cards credibility of Beau Willimon, poor reviews led the show to peter out at the box office.