New York City school busFile this under the why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-before category. Want to know if your child is eligible to take the school bus? Wondering if you can sneak a peek at your child’s school data online? Tired of making 387 phone calls with no result? Wonder and dial endlessly no more. A New York City service will have (just about all the) answers: Calling 311--just ONE phone call--will get parents; prospective students and their families; and the just plain curious up-to-date information about New York City public schools. No, really. This round-the-clock service will come as a giant relief to those who had no idea how to access public school information. (Read: Most everybody). Education experts will be on hand to answer questions, without the frustration of being bounced around among endless government agencies and hotlines. Among the questions most likely to be posed: What time can I expect my child to be dropped off/picked up by the school bus each day? How do I register my child for school? And the ever-popular and always-mind-numbing, “How does the admissions process work for kindergarten/high school/middle school, etc.? If you have a specific question about your child’s schedule or school, however, parent coordinators are still on hand in each school to answer those questions. In the meantime, hooray--one less thing to make parents crazy.