Is There Any Way I Can Avoid Paying the Ticketmaster or Telecharge Fees?

Yes, you can avoid all the Ticketmaster or Telecharge fees and shipping charges by purchasing tickets directly at the theatre as far in advance as you can.
The ticket fees that are currently being charged for online and phone sales for Telecharge and Ticketmaster are as follows:

  • Ticketmaster: $8.50 -$13.25 (Fees for Radio City Shows can be higher)
  • Telecharge: $8.75 -$15.50
  • A $3 handling or processing fee

You can avoid the fees by taking our discount codes directly to the box office and buying your tickets there. However, you should check online first to see if there are tickets available where you want to sit and that the discount code applies to that date. You can do this by going to Ticketmaster or Telecharge and start the process of buying a ticket. You can select your desired seat and date and insert the discount code, but do not enter your payment information unless you decide you want to purchase your tickets online and pay the service fees. There is also a small chance that between the time you check online and the time you go to the box office the seat you want is purchased by someone else, so you should check online right before you go to the box office.