Is there any way I can avoid paying the Ticketmaster or Telecharge fees ?

Yes, you can avoid all the Ticketmaster or Telecharge fees and shipping charges by purchasing tickets at the theatre.

The ticket fees that are currently being charged for online and over-phone sales for Telecharge and Ticketmaster are as follows:

  • TicketMaster $9 -$11 (Fees for Radio City Shows can be higher)
  • Telecharge $9.50 -$11.50
  • A $2 theatre of facility fee is sometimes included in these prices

You can avoid the fees by taking our discount codes directly to the box office and buying your tickets there. The problem is, though, how do you know if any tickets are available for the show you want and will the codes be honored for the show you want before going there ? Many people go online to or first to find out those details but then do not actually buy them from there, they buy them in person, in advance. This is one way to be certain that there are no restrictions on the discount code for the date you want to use it -- however, between the time going online and actually going there, there is always the possibility that the tickets could have been sold, so you need to do it soon after.