The breakdown of all the Telecharge Fees for Broadway Show tickets and answers the question, why does Telecharge charge them? is one of only two official Broadway ticket selling companies that sells tickets over the internet and over the telephone (the other is Ticketmaster). All Broadway shows that are in Shubert owned theatres are forced to use the Telecharge ticket service to sell their tickets, whether they like it or not. This is because Telecharge is owned by The Shubert Organization, and thus Telecharge is the biggest piece of the Broadway show ticket duopoly. On their website, Telecharge offers face-value tickets for many different types of live performances and shows in the greater New York City area. Under their “Shows & Events” tab, users can view options for plays, musicals, dance performances, concerts, Off-Broadway shows and Broadway shows. Their website includes various key details and up-to-date information about the different events happening, a 3-D seat map of the venues and a secure ticket purchasing process for their customers. Telecharge is the official, authorized ticket seller and leading ticket provider and is owned and operated by the Shubert Organization. This means that ticket purchases are coming straight from the source for all productions that are being shown in a Shubert owned building. Telecharge states that “Our job is to ensure that every phone and web customer has a positive ticket-buying experience, before, during, and after the ticket purchase”. Unlike third-party ticket resellers, Telecharge never marks-up the prices of the tickets to make a profit, because they make their money on the additional fees.

For all Broadway shows that are not playing in a Shubert-owned building, Telecharge offers ticket buying links to the official ticket source. This is usually Ticketmaster, but other theatre landlords also use some other ticket systems.

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The Telecharge Ticket Purchase and All Associated Fees:

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Telecharge Ticket Pricing

Unlike a ticket reseller, Telecharge never marks-up the prices of any tickets that they sell. They can do this because they are the authorized selling agent for most Broadway show productions and they are owned by the Shubert Organization, which gives them direct access to face-value Broadway theatre tickets. Prices for show tickets are generally determined by the producers of the show (or event) and not by Telecharge themselves. Ticket prices are generally based on the type of event, the venue it is in and the location of the theatre seats. The only charges that are added to the established box office price are, the Telecharge service charges.

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Service Fees

Telecharge has a service charge that varies from event to event. Typically for Broadway show tickets, the fee is composed of a service fee that is charged to the purchaser and is per-ticket. These charges are Telecharge’s main source of revenue and allows them to continue providing customers with a ticket service, as well as making a huge profit for The Shubert Organization.

The service charge is now $13.25 a ticket.

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Handling Fees

Telecharge also makes a handling charge fee that is charged per order. It is unclear what this charge is actually for, but most people think that it is just another way of Telecahrge making more money out of the ticket sale.

The handling fee is $3.00 per order.

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Facility Charge / Theatre Restoration Fees

The facility fee is an expense that is not charged by Telecharge, but charged by the hosting theatre or venue owner of the event. It is supposed to pay for theatre improvements, but the reality is that the landlord is already making large amounts of money from their cut of ticket sales. Not every ticket purchase will have a facility fee attached to it. Each venue is provided with the decision to implement this charge or not. If the venue chooses to charge this fee, they are also allowed to determine the price of it. The venue receives 100% of the monies collected from this charge. Some theatres do not add this as a separate charge, they include it in with the price of the ticket.

The facility charge is $2.00 a ticket.

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Ticket Delivery Fees

There is a wide range of fees for each of the different Broadway ticket delivery methods. Generally, ticket purchasers can save money if the order is placed online and printed out at the purchasers home, rather than ordering by phone and having the tickets mailed to them. Depending on how far in advance an order is placed, Telecharge offers up to four different ticket delivery options; Box office hold (will-call), FedEx express, the US Postal Service and E-Tickets (which are sent via email). Purchasers can choose the delivery option that is most convenient for them when they are at the end of their ticket transaction. For ticket purchasers living outside of the U.S., it is recommended that they pick up their tickets at the venue’s box office on the day of the event or choose the E-Tickets option when checking out, because Telecharge does not ship tickets internationally.

The ticket delivery fee can be free for E-ticket customers and go over $50.00 for expedited shipping for out-of-state customers.

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Additional Option Items: Parking Service Fees

Telecharge offers to find their users vehicle parking for their visit to a Broadway show. They attempt to find parking for their customers that is at the correct time of the event and within walking distance or the theatre. Telecharge charges an additional $1.50 for this service, above the cost of the parking that they will charge to the customer if the box is checked.

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City, state, and local taxes (provincial and Federal Goods and Services taxes in Canada) are typically included in the face value of a sale, but Broadway show tickets are exempt from all taxes and the tax charge will be zero.