Broadway shows follow a similar performance schedule throughout the week. Each show has about 8 performances per week, including both matinees and night-time performances.

Which Days and Times do Broadway Shows Perform

The standard Broadway show performance schedule for "curtain up" includes 8 shows per week at the following times:

3pmClosed8pm2pm and 8pm8pm8pm2pm and 8pm

Tuesdays at 7

A few years ago, a scheduling change known as "Tuesdays at 7" took effect over most of Broadway, in the hopes of encouraging people who don't want to stay out too late to see shows on Tuesday evenings. Many shows eventually went back to the regular 8pm curtain, while many have not, so if you're seeing a Tuesday night performance, be extra careful to check whether it is at 7pm or 8pm.

Early Curtain

On occasion, especially if the play is really long, performances will start earlier than the standard 8pm curtain, usually at 7 or 7:30pm.


Though the standard is Wed/Sat matinees at 2pm and Sunday mats at 3pm, some shows may have it the other way around. Or, occasionally, a matinee may even be at an odd time like 1:30pm.

Sunday Night Shows

Because Sunday is such a popular day at theaters for both tourists and locals, many Broadway shows have tried to make the most of it by adding an evening performance. Sunday night shows usually begin at 7 or 7:30pm.

Monday Night Shows

Monday is traditionally the "dark" day on Broadway, when theaters are closed so that performers and staff can have a day off. But some shows try to take advantage of the lack of competition that day by adding a Monday night performance. These are usually at 8pm.

Late Night Shows

This is more of an Off-Broadway thing, but some shows will have a late night performance. These are generally at around 10pm on a Friday or Saturday.

Wild Cards

Though it is extremely rare, occasionally a Broadway show will schedule a matinee performance on a weekday other than Wednesday.

Opening Night

If you're lucky enough to attend the official opening night performance of a Broadway play or musical, you'll find that the usual opening night start time is 6:30pm.

With all that said, there are still frequent exceptions to Broadway show start times - Always be sure to check your ticket for the exact start time of your show.