Broadway Tickets Are Not Cheap And Visitors and NYC Locals Are Going To Need A Good Ticket Buying Strategy To Get The Best Bargains On Broadway Tickets

Best Broadway Ticket Buying Strategy for Visitors and Locals

Includes a Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Ticket Buying Plan

Best Broadway Ticket Buying Strategies
Best Broadway Ticket Buying Strategies

The Best Broadway Ticket Buying Strategy for Visitors

Engage Your Backup Plan: Buy Broadway Tickets Using Discount Codes

The best ticket buying strategy for visitors is to buy Broadway tickets using discount codes well ahead of their arrival date. This is your long term plan.

This also means that they should not buy tickets for shows that are in the top 5 Broadway best sellers, as no discount codes will usually exist. For the discounted shows, ticket inventory should be good and ticket bargains will be readily available by buying early.

If you really must be guaranteed to see a show that is in the top 5, then you are going to have pay a lot of money for them as discount codes will not exist for them. Then go ahead and do this well ahead of time. The prices will not change the closer to the date you buy, but the available inventory will go down meaning your choice of seats will decrease rapidly.

Enter the Broadway Ticket Lotteries

In the medium term and prior to the day of the show, try your hand at the ticket lottery at one or more of the top 10 Broadway shows. Only enter the ticket lottry for shows that you want to see.

If you are successful on more than one lottery, you can take your spare tickets down to the TKTS booth in Times Square and sell them to someone in the ticket line and tell them what happened. Visitors have a great knack of recognizing other visitors and don't feel they are being scammed, especially if you allow them to take a photo with you on their camera phone.

If You Don't Win The Lottery Engage Your Backup Plan

If you are unsuccessful in the ticket lottery, don't worry, just go and see the original show that you have tickets for, you will often be pleasantly surprised by the quality of shows on Broadway. An older show that is not in the top 5 today, was at one time, a top hit show, so its still the same quality and will provide tremendous enjoyment even though its not in the no.1 spot anymore.

Avoid the "Hot" Shows That Are Often Overpriced

Very often visitors will want to see the very latest hit Broadway show, so as to keep up with Jones's. But there are some amazing shows on Broadway that have been here for many years, EG. Phantom of the Opera, Chicago etc. BUY DISCOUNT BROADWAY TICKETS

Broadway Ticket Buying Strategies
Broadway Ticket Buying Strategies

The Best Broadway Ticket Buying Strategy for Locals

Locals should avoid gong to Broadway theatre when visitors are in town. So all of the main holidays should be avoided like the plague.

Locals can afford to enter the ticket lotteries every week which means the chance of them winning is significantly increased. Locals also have the added benefit of going to Broadway theatre in the quieter times during September and February.