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Broadway RUSH Tickets - Anyone RUSH  

Broadway RUSH Tickets - Anyone RUSH and Broadway Ticket Lottery
Guide to Broadway Show Ticket Discounts through Broadway RUSH and the Ticket Lottery

Wicked Ticket Lottery at the Gershwin TheatreWith its roots from the Student RUSH tickets, Anyone RUSH tickets were created In an effort by Broadway producers to make Broadway tickets more affordable for the less well off , build word-of-mouth for a show and to create and reward loyal fan bases.
Rush tickets became a true phenomenon with the musical Rent, where "Rent-heads" would actually line up and sleep overnight on the pavement so that they could get their rush tickets at a riduculously low price.

Many Broadway shows still offer these discount "Rush" tickets at a very low price, but dont skimp on the quality - often these tickets are in great locations in the theatre.

Various Pricing, But Always A Bargain
The RUSH and Lottery tickets can be priced anywhere from $25-$45, but one thing is always true - They are always a great bargain - often the face value of these tickets is ten times what you actually pay.

First Come First Served
Its the original format, but the "first come, first served" approach
is still used by some Broadway theatres to sell these bargain tickets - if you arrive early enough with cash in hand.
Fans can show up at the theater box office first thing in the morning and buy Broadway show tickets (often the front row for just $25).

Broadway Ticket Lottery
To keep the Broadway die hards from camping out overnight on the New York City streets, many Broadway shows (particularly those popular with younger audiences) have instituted a ticket lottery system for drawing and distributing their Anyone Rush tickets.
The rules for the lottery (ticket price, time of lottery drawing, etc.) vary for the different Broadway shows, and we detail each of the rules in our Broadway Discount Tickets Guide for each Broadway show.

Some Broadway shows distribute Anyone Rush tickets the old-fashioned way, too, by asking ticket buyers to arrive when the theater box office opens in the morning, or at a specific time during the day (we also detail these policies in our Broadway Discount Tickets Guide). Anyone Rush tickets are usually about $20-$25 each, but occasionally the tickets are up in the $30-$40 range. Remember that you are usually expected to pay for these discount tickets with cash, and often (especially with the lottery) a photo ID is required, as they limit the total amount of discount tickets you can buy on any one day.


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