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Swept Away Summary

  • Show Status: Opening Soon
  • Genre: Musical
  • Swept Away is 90 minutes long, and does not have an intermission.
  • 8 Shows per week
  • Previews Begin: September 29, 2024
  • Show Opens : November 19, 2024
  • Show Closes: Open ended

A whaling vessel is lost at sea following a violent storm and a tense drama unfolds between the small crew of four, when their food, water and humanity become exhausted.

Swept Away on Broadway Background

Musical Inspired By True Events

The musical is inspired by a shipwreck that took place in 1884, where the four-man crew’s desperate efforts to survive led to cannibalism.

This show is set in 1888 on a whaling ship off the coast of New Bedford, Mass. A lot of the original parts of the story have been changed, but some of the original sentiment remains.

Previous Productions:

Berkeley Repertory Theater

The show has had two previous successful productions. The first was in 2022 at Berkeley Repertory Theater in California that ran Jan 9–Mar 13, 2022

Arena Stage in Washington

The show then appeared at the Arena Stage in Washington that ran from November 25, 2023, to January 14, 2024. This production marked one of its key pre-Broadway performances, following its initial debut at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2022.

Critical Review

Overall, critics agree that "Swept Away" is a moving and intense musical experience, well worth seeing for its strong performances and emotional storytelling.

What's Swept Away Like?

Swept Away is a Broadway musical that tells the poignant story of two brothers who embark on a whaling trip in the late 19th century. After a catastrophic storm leaves them shipwrecked, they must confront their inner demons, reconcile with their past, and struggle for survival.

The isolation of the sea forces the brothers to confront their strained relationship and buried secrets.

The Avett Brothers Music

The narrative, driven by the evocative music of The Avett Brothers, explores themes of family, forgiveness, and redemption. As the brothers face life-and-death challenges, they find strength in their bond and the resilience of the human spirit.

Tale Of Survival And Reconciliation

With powerful performances and haunting melodies, Swept Away is a stirring tale of survival and reconciliation, reminding audiences of the enduring power of love and the importance of confronting one's past to find peace.

Is Swept Away Good for Kids?

This musical deals with mature themes, including survival, family conflict, and reconciliation, set against the backdrop of a shipwreck and the struggle for survival.

Given the serious and potentially intense subject matter, it may not be suitable for young children. The show contains elements that explore complex emotions and situations which could be more appropriate for older teenagers and adults.

Theatre Information

Longacre Theatre

220 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10019
Seats: 1,095
Entrance: 48th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenues
Theatre Information

Longacre Theatre Seating Chart

Cast Members

Wayne Duvall
Little Brother
Adrian Blake Enscoe
John Gallagher Jr.,
Big Brother
Stark Sands


Matthew Masten

Sean Hudock

Madison Wells Live

Production Credits

Michael Mayer

Creative Team

Original Book
John Logan
Music and Lyrics
The Avett Brothers