Hangmen on Broadway: Show Is Now Closed

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Hangmen Summary

  • Show Status: Closed
  • Genre: Play - Broadway Premiere
  • Hangmen is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, including an intermission of 15 minutes
  • 8 Shows per week
  • Previews Began: April 8, 2022
  • Show Opened : April 21, 2022
  • Show Closed: June 18, 2022

Playwright Martin McDonagh perfectly balances comedy and tragedy in this mid-20th century examination of capital punishment

Hangmen on Broadway Background

Hangmen is written by the acclaimed British-Irish playwright, Martin McDonagh.

Originally Premiered in London's West End

The show originally premiered in 2015 at London's Royal Court Theatre. After positive box office ticket sales and critical acclaim, the show moved in 2016 to the West End’s Wyndham Theatre. There it won two Olivier Awards; 'Best Set Design' and 'Best New Play'. In 2018, Hangmen made its U.S debut with a limited-run showing which sold out. The show performed at the Linda Gross Theater (part of the Atlantic Theatre Company), in the historic Chelsea district of Manhattan, NYC

Martin McDonagh Biography

This is McDonagh’s seventh Broadway play. He is no stranger to writing accolades, as four of his previous plays have been nominated for a Tony Award for the 'Best Play' award, but he has never actually won.

McDonagh is also an Oscar nominee and is well known for his critically acclaimed 2017 film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Although he did not win the Oscar for this movie, he did win the Oscar for 'Best Live Action Short Film' in 2005 for Six Shooter.

McDonagh is known for writing dark comedies that deal with taboo subjects, and his works are often categorized by gratuitous violence and extreme language. Critics praise McDonagh’s ability to perfectly balance comedy and tragedy which has become a trademark of his plays, films and writing.

COVID-19 Death Sentence Commuted

Hangmen had completed only 13 preview performances in 2020 when it was forced to close . I appeared at the Golden Theatre when the pandemic forced the closure of all Broadway theaters on March 12, 2020. The show was the first on Broadway to announce it would not return after the shutdown, citing the financial inability to pay rent for the theater and retain its cast and crew members.

The show’s four producers, Robert Fox, Jean Doumanian, Elizabeth McCann and Craig Balsam, made a joint-announcement that stated "because of economic concerns and for the safety of their cast" they are closing down the show. The show was originally scheduled to perform until July 18th, 2020. Some insiders had believed that the production may come back to Broadway at a later date.

New Performance Dates in 2022

In a post COVID light and with different financial backers, Hangmen now returns to Broadway and is set to begin preview performances on April 8, 2022. This ahead of an opening night scheduled for April 21, 2022. The play will run for a limited 10-week engagement.

This production contains haze, smoking, and depictions of violence which may not be suitable for all viewers.

What's Hangmen Like?

Hangmen follows executioner Harry Wade after the abolition of capital punishment in the United Kingdom in 1965.

Wade is known as the second-best hangman in the UK due to his ability to remain stoic and composed during the executions. Wade remains in the number two guy, due to his competitors huge execution statistics and he will no longer be able to beat him, now that executions have have been abolished.

Now that executions are a thing of the past, people from all over the country flock to the pub that Wade owns to get his opinion on the abolition of capital punishment that has taken away his livelihood.

A menacing yet charming stranger named Mooney arrives at the pub, causing trouble and making outrageous claims towards Wade, his family, and pub patrons. The resulting chaos from Mooney’s actions causes Wade to make a life-changing decision that he may regret.

The play is ultimately a powerful condemnation of capital punishment and deals with themes of revenge and morality. A rotating cast of characters exchange banter in Wade’s pub and create an atmosphere akin to McDonagh’s trademark brand of dark comedy.

Is Hangmen Good for Kids?

In the first few minutes of this show, there is a shocking scene that may not be suitable for sensitive audiences and children. Some show attendees cover their eyes for this part.

The minimum age recommended for this show is 16 years old.

Theatre Information

John Golden Theatre

252 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10019
Seats: 804
Entrance: 45th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues
Theatre Information

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Hangmen Marquee

Hangmen Marquee

Cast Members

Harry Wade
Mark Addy
Tracie Bennett
Ewen Demner
Owen Campbell
Inspector Fry
Jeremy Crutchley
Gaby French
Josh Goulding
John Hodgkinson
Richard Hollis
John Horton
Ryan Pope
Alfie Allen

Past Cast Members

Dan Stevens


Robert Fox

Jean Doumanian

Elizabeth I McCann

Craig Balsam

Production Credits

Casting Director
Telsey and Company
Press Agent
Polk and Co

Creative Team

Martin McDonagh
Matthew Dunster
Anna Fleischle
Anna Fleischle
Joshua Carr
Ian Dickinson