How close to my trip should I get access to the guide ?

It is advisable to get access to the discount Broadway ticket guide at least a couple months before your trip, which gives you ample time to seek out the best seats with the greatest discount. You can also use the guide closer to your show date, but ticket inventory will go down. In many cases Broadway shows can still have discount tickets available, even on the day of the show.

Discount codes are usually valid for the next 60 - 90 days, although sometimes it is less, and other times we often have codes that cover up to 120 days in advance. You get 30 days of access to the guide, so during that period the Broadway shows that you intend to see will pop up with discounts that are applicable to your trip. Also keep in mind that the Broadway Ticket Guide is priced low, so you can afford to get it a bit earlier just to understand how everything works, even though you might need to pay again to get the date you actually want. The student discounts and standing room only ticket information in the guide applies regardless of the date.