What is the difference between buying Broadway tickets for a large group using discount codes and getting group rate tickets, which are also discounted?

Group Ticket Discounts Versus Discount Codes for Broadway

So you're a savvy Broadway theatergoer, and by now you know the best way to see Broadway shows at a discount price is to use discount codes. With all the savings of the discount ticket booth and none of the last-minute waiting, discount codes are great ways to buy Broadway tickets cheaply. However, if you are taking a large group of people to see a Broadway show -- and of course you want to save as much money as possible -- can you still use discount codes? Or should you try to get a group rate?

The Procedure To Buy Group Tickets

Buying with Broadway discount codes is a bit more straightforward. You just select the number of tickets that you want and you buy them. With Broadway group tickets, you have to contact a group ticket seller GROUPS.TELECHARGE.COM, give them the name of the show and number of tickets you want and for what date, and then they get back to you with a price quote. Once you have the quote, you are given a date to submit payment by, and if it is not received then, your order will be canceled.

Ticket Minimums and Ticket Maximums

Often the decision of whether to use discount codes or group tickets will hinge on the number of people in your party. Discount codes always have a maximum number that you can purchase, and this number can be anywhere between 8 and 25 tickets. Group rates, on the other hand, have minimums, and for Broadway shows the minimum is typically 10-20 tickets. This means that for some Broadway shows you will only have the option to choose one method or the other. In many cases, though, there will be overlap (for instance a Broadway show may sell a maximum of 19 tickets if you use a discount code, but the group rate minimum might be 15 tickets). In that case, if you need 15 tickets, you will have to decide which method offers the best price.

Discount Code Prices Compared To Group Rates

The wisest thing to do is to submit a request for a group rate and then compare it to the discount code prices. The more information you have, the best chance you have of making a cost effective choice. That said, there are some general guidelines that tend to apply. You can usually expect that the larger your group is, the more you will save on Broadway group tickets. The smaller the group, the more likely that you will find the group rates to be comparable to the Broadway discount code price. One place where group rates definitely come out ahead, though, is when it comes to hot ticket shows. The most popular Broadway shows usually do not offer discount codes at all. However, they will always have some type of group rate offer.

Advantages of Group Tickets

Assuming your group is big enough to meet the ticket minimum, there are many advantages to using group ticketing. The most significant is that group ticketing is sensitive to the special needs of large groups. For instance, groups.telecharge.com has lots of information on each show (including age suitability) and can assist you in planning different aspects of your group's trip to the show. Group tickets are usually sold further in advance than discount coded tickets, and sometimes they even offer special student group rates. Furthermore, group orders frequently don't carry service fees, and they can also be paid for by check or money order.

These tickets also don't have to be paid for at booking, you can book them in advance and pay for them later.