A guide and review to the various sources of Discounts to Broadway Shows including NYTix TKTS, broadwaybox.com, corporateoffers.com, Plum Benefits and the Shubert Organization

New businesses and web sites keep popping all the time up that purport to offer cheap tickets to Broadway shows. The field of offerings is now so over-populated that you can find web sites run by publishing companies, advertising companies, marketing agencies, Broadway Theatre owners, human resource companies, charities and even grocery stores. Daily deal websites are also getting in the game and now offer discounts to Broadway tickets.

Some of these businesses and web sites operate in a clandestine manner (i.e. they don't make it clear who owns them and where their alliances lie). Some of the web sites are in fact run by ticket brokers and do not actually offer any discounts on the face value of the ticket. Most of the discount services below offer advance Broadway ticket sales at a discount, unless identified. This guide shows you which are the top web sites for cheap Broadway Tickets and which ones should be avoided.

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Specialized Discount Broadway Ticket Web Sites

nytix.com - New York Show Tickets Inc.

  • This site was highly rated by the Wall Street Journal 2007 Discount Broadway Ticket article see article
  • Offers 1-Month access subscription that does not auto-renew
    Covers Broadway discount codes and 13 other methods of getting discounts to Broadway shows
  • Your email address is not sold or spammed, only occasional emails of your indicated interest are sent.
  • Click Here For the current Discount Broadway Ticket Offers
  • Cost $4.95 for 30 days access


  • Created by the Geislers in 1999 and then sold to Key Brand Entertainment in 2012 for $2.7 Million
  • broadwaybox has limited offers, you get what you pay for and this site claims it is free.
  • Low rating by the Wall Street Journal Feb. 2007 see article
  • Not focused on Broadway Shows in New York City
    Your email inbox can be inundated with bargain and cheap offers - Many of them irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • broadwaybox.com email is often marked as spam by yahoo, gmail and hotmail
  • Pretends to be a "Free" site, but charges the Broadway shows high fees thus makes the Broadway tickets cost more overall
  • Cost to user: Free


  • entertainment-link.com was established in 1998 by Tim Hawkins. It was out of business in 2017
  • Limited Broadway offers and discounts
  • Discounts are not clear - confused by the savings amount and high subscription cost
  • Cost: $39.00 - Minimum 6-Month subscription


  • Established in the 1960's by Jeffrey Milne who sold the business to Stan Silver in 1980. The company was finally owned by Eric Rock in 1995 who ran it into the ground by 2001.
  • These discount Broadway coupons were originally found in dry cleaners, shoe shine stands and shoe repair stores all around NYC
  • The Hit Show Club focused on restaurant and Broadway ticket packages. The service provided AAA members with discounts. Not the best Broadway ticket deals and limited availability. Appears to be defunct, but occasionally showed some signs of life in 2005 when Eric Rock gets a sudden burst of energy.
  • The cost for this service was FREE


  • Not snobby enough to spell "theatre" the correct way, theatermania.com provides discounts to Broadway shows for productions in the next 45 days.
  • The offers can be hit or miss, but the discount ticket service is reliable.
  • Cost Free


  • Lame Broadway offers brought to you by the same people who got rich from printing the show guides that destroy 5000 Brazilian rainforest tress every year
  • Cost Free
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Non-Web Based Discount Tickets

tdf.org (Theatre Development Fund)

  • You must stand outside in line for a couple of hours, at the mercy of the New York weather.
  • You may also be pestered by a multitude of street salesman hawking everything from Bus Tours to fake handbags.
  • TDF also offers a ticket papering service for $27.50 a year, but each ticket will still cost $30.
  • The choice and window of opportunity is quite narrow.
  • There is a shorter window for plays
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Corporate Benefit/Perk Web Sites


  • An online marketing company that promotes entertainment events and shows to an untapped corporate audience.
  • This is the best corporate benefit web site around with a huge list of Broadway show discounts as well as travel, flowers and entertainment discounts
    The caveat is that you must work for a Fortune 500 company or large institution and be able to access the internet from your organizations infrastructure,
  • but you you don't have you circumnavigate your own HR department, as no account with them is necessary to get access to the discounts.
  • This weeks featured offers are at: CORPORATEOFFERS.COM/OFFERS.PHP
  • Many more Broadway show discount tickets are available on the sub page that is linked from that main offer page.
  • Cost Free

Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG)

  • An online marketing company that promotes entertainment events to a largely untapped corporate employee audience.
  • The google search engine has long been scammed by EBG that pretends that each of its various companies all have unique content, when in fact they are just different brands using the same back-end product list.
  • Plum Benefits used to be a subsidiary of Broadway Inbound, a division of The Shubert Organization, but Shubert ran it poorly, so they sold the division to EBG for cash and stock.
  • You must work for a Fortune 500 company and your HR department must have an account with them.
  • Their Broadway offers can be limited with short availability dates and small windows of opportunity to buy tickets.
  • Offers change once-a-month and some offers are for shows that have already closed.
  • This company is not focused on New York City or Broadway Tickets and charges the Broadway producers a steep fee to be featured in their guide, thus making the offers less compelling.
  • Cost Free


  • Helmed by Jim McCarthy, this free corporate service is a little more informal than most, but has poor Broadway theatre offers.
  • They insist on selling the tickets themselves for the shows rather than promoting the Broadway shows and this is their biggest hurdle to success in the corporate employee marketplace.
  • Goldstar boasts having over 6 million corporate employees using the service, but that number has not been audited by Price Waterhouse.
  • Cost Free
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Broadway Show Web Sites Offering Discounts As A Sideline Business


  • This website offers excellent Broadway show coverage, but less discounts to Broadway shows than other sites. When they do offer discounts to Broadway shows, the discounts are comparable with others.
  • Once you sign up, significant amounts of offer emails are sent to you, not necessarily in the relevant subject areas.
  • Cost: Free


  • Limited discount offers
  • Not focused on New York City or Broadway
  • Offers a gold service @ $99 a year for a Broadway papering service
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Advertising and Marketing Companies


  • Operated by Serino Coyne Inc.(Broadway show advertising and marketing agency) on behalf of The Broadway League
  • Limited discount offers
  • Only operates at certain times of the year, when Broadway audiences are thin
  • Cost Free


  • Operated by Situation Marketing, an interactive and general marketing company
  • Basic email gathering site. No details on quality of offers
  • Cost: Free


  • Operated by Hugh Hysell at HHC Marketing Inc - a New York based marketing company
  • Limited ticket options
  • Cost: Free


  • Operated by About.com
  • They fail to disclose their conflict of interest when they recommend their own service in their articles.
  • Weak offers and limited offer choice
  • Cost: Free
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Broadway Theatre Owners


  • Operated by Jujamcyn Theaters, which owns five Broadway theatres
  • Weak Broadway Tickets offers
  • Limited offer choice
  • Gives a percentage back to non-profit organizations
  • Cost: Free


  • Operated by Nederlander Theaters under the guise of "Broadway Fan Club"
  • Weak Broadway Tickets offers
  • Limited offer choice and poor windows of opportunity
  • Can earn points by buying Broadway tickets through their web site.
  • Points can be redeemed for Broadway shows and paraphernalia - much like American Express membership rewards
  • Cost: Free


  • Operated by the Roundabout Theatre Company, focused towards the 35 and under crowd
  • Offers limited to one Broadway Theatre


  • Operated by the Lincoln Center
  • Offers discount student tickets
  • Weak Broadway Tickets offers
  • Limited offer choice
  • Gives a percentage back to non-profit organizations
  • $4.00 per ticket fee


  • The TDF ticket stand in Times Square only offers "Day of Performance" discount tickets, not advance sales like the above web sites.
  • The advantage they have is that blackout dates don't apply.
  • Operates the Times Square Half Price Ticket Booth located in Times Square
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Papering Services - Broadway Seat Fillers


  • Broadway ticket papering service
  • fills up empty theatre seats to keep dying shows alive or drum up support/press for a new show that does not yet have a following.
  • Minimum 1 Year subscription
  • Limited Offers
  • Free tickets to some less popular shows (Must pay $4 handling charge per ticket)


  • $99.00 +$16 processing fee
  • Seen as the best Broadway seat-filler service due to its strict rules
  • Play By Play (PBP) is another Broadway ticket papering service that fills up empty theatre seats to keep dying Broadway shows alive or to drum up support/press for shows that are new on the block.
  • One of the rules is that cancellations and lateness are subject to a $10 fine and no-shows are subject to a $20 fine.
  • They also have a strict dress code of at least smart casual or dressy.
  • Members that do not appear in appropriate clothes are kicked out of the club.
  • The minimum subscription is one year and there are often limited offers around the holidays.
  • There is a handling charge per ticket of $4.50


  • Broadway ticket papering service
  • Fills up empty theatres to keep dying shows alive or drum up support/press
  • Minimum 1 Year subscription. Limited Offers
  • Fines you $20 if you don't turn up when you say you will
  • Cost: $99.00 per year

TheaterClub.com Theatermania presents Gold Club

  • A side business to the main Theatremania service, the Gold Club provides a maximum of two free tickets per month to fill seats of Broadway shows that desperately need an audience.
  • There is a $4.50 service charge per seat-filler ticket, so it is not quite free, but is still a great deal.
  • The ticket choices are often very limited and the ticket inventory sells out quickly, making it frustrating for members.
  • Cost $99 per year and $4.50 service charge per seat-filler ticket
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School Discount Programs


  • Operated by David Risley. School Theatre ticket program that features a few discount codes for Broadway shows. Limited Offers, poor availability
  • Cost: Free

School Exchange

  • Created by Paul Burkowski in 1960
  • Shipped discount Broadway coupons in bulk mostly to schools
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Daily Deal Websites


  • Very few Broadway show offers, any offers are lost in the myriad of other offers
  • Cost: Free


  • Limited range of Broadway show ticket offers
  • Cost: Free

Google Offers

  • Limited Broadway show ticket
  • Google finally gave up on this service in 2009 and permanently closed down google offers


  • A variety of offers
  • Few offers are for Broadway shows
  • The same offer are available from other email promotional and marketing web sites


  • Operated by David Risley
  • Weak and very limited offers
  • It appears that most of their discount Broadway codes are currently sourced from other web sites