Broadway Ticket Refund Policy During COVID-10 And For All Future Pandemics - Can You Get A Refund On Broadway Tickets?

Coronavirus COVID-19 Broadway Ticket Refunds During The Pandemic

Broadway Ticket Refunds For Dates March 2020 - August 2021

All Broadway tickets for the performances up to August 2021 were automatically refunded to the credit card of the original ticket purchaser. Some special ticket sales may have fallen through the cracks and will require some extra work to get refunded. The previous refund cutoff dates were September 6th, 2020, June 12th, 2020 and January 1st, 2021.

Ticket sales that were done during this time in cash, gift card, voucher or by barter at the box office are a little bit more complicated. They had to be processed by the appropriate production company for each show. Credit card refunds should have occurred soon after the announcement of the show closings, but it took some time for them to process the huge amount of ticket refunds that were due. All new shows that were scheduled to open for the first time during this dark period should have also been completely refunded by now.

Refunds For Tickets Bought For Performances After The Broadway Reopening, September 14th, 2021

The Broadway industry has indicated that it expects to reopen shows on September 14th, 2021. Some shows are opening on that date, but many others are moving cautiously and opening in the months following that. Tickets bought for performances on or after September 14th will be automatically refunded if the shows are forced to close again due to COVID-19 or other factors. This is not anticipated to happen, but still could.

If the shows do go ahead as planned, it is not clear if Broadway shows will grant a refund if the attendees themselves cannot make a show for any particular reason. Buyers are encouraged to buy ticket insurance if they think they will be unable to attend a show that does perform. Violence in Times Square continues to be a problem and if the problems escalate, ticket buyers may demand a refund due to safety concerns. Broadway shows have agreed to issue ticket refunds under those conditions.

Broadway Ticket Refund Policy during COVID-19 Coronavirus
Broadway Ticket Refund Policy

Broadway Ticket Refunds Beyond January 2022

After January 2022, Broadway returned to its old policy of no refunds, which can be found lower down on this page.

Telecharge Ticket Refunds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

If you purchased tickets from Telecharge for a suspended or canceled performance, your tickets would have been refunded back to your credit card. If that has not happened yet, then you may need to contact Telecharge. The Telecharge call center is located in New York and New Jersey (Hackensack) and has been closed until further notice, so you will have to email them at

Do not expect a quick turnaround as they will need up to 5 business days for a reply and even then it might just be an auto-responder as Telecharge (and the Shubert Organization) is not known for good customer service and their website has always been a mess. This is a great example of why a duopoly like this should not be allowed to operate as it discourages innovation and consumers suffer when The Shubert Organization fails to put together an effective business continuity plan for these kinds of events. If 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy was not a big enough wake up notice, then lord knows what is.
Contact Telecharge By Email

Ticketmaster Ticket Refunds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

For tickets purchased from Ticketmaster for a suspended or canceled performance, your tickets should have already been refunded back to your credit card. If that has not happened yet, then you may need to contact Ticketmaster directly. It is Ticketmaster’s standing policy to automatically refund the full cost of the Broadway ticket and the associated fees back to the original purchaser’s credit card for any canceled events: As this is an unprecedented volume of show cancellations during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Ticketmaster states that you should expect to receive your refund in less than 30 days, as they are forced to refund over 1 billion tickets worldwide, understandably sending them into a bit of a tailspin.
Contact Ticketmaster By Email

Roundabout Ticket Refunds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Broadway shows that appear at the Studio 54 Theatre and the American Airlines Theatre are processed through the Roundabout Theatre Company. To contact this organization please call 212-719-1300

Ambassador Theatre Group Refunds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ticketing for shows that appear in the Hudson Theatre are owned and managed by the Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) and can be contacted at 1-855-801-5876

Stubhub Tickets Refunds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Stubhub is the largest secondary Broadway ticket broker and their contact information for is: 1-866-788-2482

Ticket Refunds From Other Ticket Sources During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We know that many people buy their Broadway tickets from other sources, so you should contact those sources directly for advice. This would include ticket brokers, employee benefit programs, ticket counters, TDF and many other sources. Unfortunately, many of these sources are not operating at a full staff complement so the quality of the response may not be at full strength.