Broadway Seat Filler Companies Help Broadway Show Producers Put Butts In Seats

Broadway Seat Fillers AKA Broadway Papering Services

There are four Broadway seat filler companies that help Broadway show producers put butts in seats when there is isn't a lot of interest from the ticket-buying public to see a show.

Each service requires that members pay an annual fee (usually about $100) and that gives them access to free Broadway tickets for shows that are usually not the most popular. These services are also used for the annual TONY awards, when they need extra bodies to fill out the seats.

  • Broadway ticket papering service
  • fills up empty theatre seats to keep dying shows alive or drum up support/press for a new show that does not yet have a following.
  • Minimum 1 Year subscription
  • Limited Offers
  • Free tickets to some less popular shows (Must pay $4 handling charge per ticket)

  • $99.00 +$16 processing fee
  • Seen as the best Broadway seat-filler service due to its strict rules
  • Play By Play (PBP) is another Broadway ticket papering service that fills up empty theatre seats to keep dying Broadway shows alive or to drum up support/press for shows that are new on the block.
  • One of the rules is that cancellations and lateness are subject to a $10 fine and no-shows are subject to a $20 fine.
  • They also have a strict dress code of at least smart casual or dressy.
  • Members that do not appear in appropriate clothes are kicked out of the club.
  • The minimum subscription is one year and there are often limited offers around the holidays.
  • There is a handling charge per ticket of $4.50

  • Broadway ticket papering service
  • Fills up empty theatres to keep dying shows alive or drum up support/press
  • Minimum 1 Year subscription. Limited Offers
  • Fines you $20 if you don't turn up when you say you will
  • Cost: $99.00 per year Theatermania Presents Gold Club

  • A side business to the main Theatremania service, the Gold Club provides a maximum of two free tickets per month to fill seats of Broadway shows that desperately need an audience.
  • There is a $4.50 service charge per seat-filler ticket, so it is not quite free, but is still a great deal.
  • The ticket choices are often very limited and the ticket inventory sells out quickly, making it frustrating for members.
  • Cost $99 per year and $4.50 service charge per seat-filler ticket

Doesn't offer many Broadway tickets now, but once in a while has a good Broadway show