Despite Troubles, Spiderman Musical Still Selling Tickets

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark Broadway ShowThe last few months have been trying times for the people behind the new Spider-man Turn Off the Dark musical. Delays, major money woes, and work stoppages have plagued the highly anticipated Broadway production directed by Julie Taymor (The Lion King). However, optimistic fans take note – tickets are nonetheless still on sale for Spiderman through Ticketmaster. The show is still in the midst of its AmEx presale period, so you do have to have an American Express card to purchase tickets. You don’t, however, have to have a presale password to get the tickets. For American Express Premium or American Express Preferred seats you do have to have a password, but providing you don’t have your heart set on either of those options, you can still get regular tickets. Just go to Ticketmaster, search for Spider-man Turn Off the Dark to find the Spiderman page, request the number of tickets you want, and then when you get to the pay page, you’ll see that the only type of credit card you are allowed to select is American Express, so make sure you or a willing friend or family member has one on hand that you can use. Though there is still some doubt that the Spiderman musical (with a score penned by U2′s Bono and The Edge) will actually open on Broadway, assuming that the production does open at the Hilton Theatre in early 2010 as currently planned, it will likely be the hot ticket of the spring. In which case it may be advantageous to have your tickets in advance. In the event that the production is ultimately canceled, Ticketmaster will issue refunds to Spiderman ticket holders.

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