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TKTS Ticket Booth The Half Price Ticket Stands
A guide to the Theatre Development Fund's half price Broadway ticket booth "TKTS" that sells half price tickets to Broadway Shows
TKTS Ticket Stand in Times Square
There are currently three TKTS ticket booths in New York City and are run by the TDF (Theatre Development Fund) - The TKTS booths are located in: Times Square, South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn.

The TKTS ticket stands offer same-day discount tickets to Broadway shows, Off-Broadway, and other arts events at up to 50% off their original prices. The ticket stands make it very convenient to purchase same-day Broadway tickets at a discounted price, so its a very popular spot for tourists.

On the flip side, seasoned Broadway theatre goers already know that you can get the same kind of discounts to Broadway shows, but in in advance, by using discount broadway ticket codes instead. The discount Broadway ticket codes also have more inventory, you can actually pick your seat and and have the added advantage of not having to get on a long line in the street in all types of weather.
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Other than just patrons looking for discount Broadway Tickets, the line at the Times Square TKTS booth can often besieged by tourist company representatives hawking everything from bus tours to adult clubs, making it a bit of zoo in the heart of the city
. This location also has some entertainment to pass the time in the form of "The naked cowboy" who braves all weathers with nothing more than a pair of short shorts to play his guitar and take photos with tourists.

Long Line, But Big Ticket Discounts
If you do find yourself at the Times Square TKTS booth and the line is long, don't be too discouraged because it moves quickly and that gives you time to decide which show you want tickets for. You'll find a board up at the front that lists what shows are available that day. Discount tickets that are available at the booth are generally for Broadway shows on the wane, which are getting much lower audience attendance than in their heyday, but are still great theatre. Just don't expect the most popular Broadway shows to be available -- because if they can fill the seats at full price, there is no reason why they would sell them for half the value. However, you can find tickets for more popular Broadway shows available at a 20%,30%, 40% and even 50% discount. Note: TKTS always charges an additional $4.00 per ticket service charge.

TKTS Booth  - Broadway Show Choices on the computer displayTKTS Myth No.1 : Best Seats When it First Opens
Unfortunately, the TKTS staff people won't let you actually choose your seats once you get to the ticket window. They usually have a stack of tickets for each available Broadway show and will just give you the ones from the top. The good news, though, is that most of the tickets that the Broadway shows earmarked to be sold at the half-price booth are for the orchestra and front mezzanine, so it's likely that you'll get pretty good seats. Also, it's a common misconception that all the best seats will be available when the booth first opens, but that isn't necessarily the case. Broadway shows continue to send tickets over to the booth throughout the day, depending upon how ticket sales are going at the theater's box office (For the full retail price) so even if you don't get in line until the evening, you still may grab some great seats and even better prices -
But remember, the best way of getting these Discount Broadway tickets is to buy them in advance
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TKTS Myth No.2 : TKTS Has The Best Discounts
Although a lot of people do it and the TKTS discount ticket stand has some great Broadway ticket bargains, they are usually not the lowest priced Broadway Tickets. Our Discount Broadway Ticket List provides the very best ticket discounts, that are actually all available in advance - The tickets at the TKTS ticket stand can only be purchased on the day of the show and when there is enough ticket inventory left.


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