Jersey Boys Discount Tickets - Standing Room Only tickets, SRO tickets, Student Rush tickets, and Mobile Student Lottery

Bargain Tickets For Jersey Boys Still Available

The Broadway musical Jersey Boys is the biggest hit to hit the Great White Way in years, and it's no wonder, considering this Broadway show is the type that makes its audience want to dance in the aisles. That's because Jersey Boys is the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, a quartet of blue collar Jersey dreamers who went from singing on the street corner to serenading the airwaves with infectious pop songs like "Sherry," "Big Girls Don't Cry," and "Oh What a Night". These great songs from the Golden Age of music, plus a tremendously talented cast, perfect choreography, and a fascinating true story of four young men and their struggles with fame and friendship makes Jersey Boys a can't-miss Broadway musical.
Like Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons themselves, the Broadway show Jersey Boys came out of nowhere to become a huge sensation. Since receiving rave reviews and spectacular word-of-mouth upon its Broadway opening in 2005, sales of Jersey Boys tickets have been hot. Performances sell out months in advance and people pay hundreds of dollars just to score a single ticket to this amazing Broadway musical. But fortunately for those Broadway fans who don't have the luxury of hundreds to spend on theater tickets, they can still get Jersey Boys tickets for less than face value. You just have to know the magic words, and they are: Standing Room Only, Student Rush, and Group Discounts.

Standing Room Only Tickets

Standing Room Only tickets, also known as SRO tickets, are just what they sound like - they are discount Broadway tickets that allow you to watch the show for cheap by standing in a designated spot at the back of the theater. For some Broadway shows, standing for the entire performance may not sound like much fun, but for Jersey Boys it just gives you more room to dance to those great tunes! Most Broadway shows that offer SRO tickets only sell them when the performance is sold out, but Jersey Boys is has been switching between the policies of selling SRO tickets even when the performance is not sold out, which means that Standing Room tickets are always - technically - available.

Jersey Boys Standing Room Only tickets, which are sold on a first come first served basis, are quite popular, so you may have some competition to get these tickets, especially since there are only 10 SRO tickets available per performance (bear in mind that only one ticket is sold per person). The August Wilson Theatre box office begins selling these Standing Room Only tickets to Jersey Boys two hours before each performance, but you would be wise to arrive at the box office at least a half hour earlier than that, since a line usually begins forming before the SRO tickets actually go on sale. If, when you arrive, there are already 10 people in line, then you'll know that you're out of luck. Quite often the box office manager will come out and tell people where the end of the line is, so you don't have to wait needlessly.

Jersey Boys Group Ticket Discounts - 50% Discount

If you have a group bigger than 15 people you can purchase Group tickets to Jersey boys and receive a 50% discount on all the tickets. This Offer only applies to seats in the Mezzanine Rows A-M for Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings and only for performances in January, February & March 2010. Group ticket buyers will also save on extra fees, as there are no per-ticket fees associated with these group tickets.

To recap, the offer conditions for this 50% discount ticket offer to for discount Jersey Boys tickets are:

  • 15 people or more, must purchase at least 15 tickets, there is no maximum limit other than the amount of ticket inventory left
  • Mezzanine Rows A-M (includes the center mezzanine too)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday Evening performances only
  • Performances in January, February & March 2010
  • Tickets can only be purchased through the Jersey Boys group tickets telephone line
  • These discount tickets cannot be purchased online

The number to call to get this group discount is: (877)-536-3437

Student Rush Tickets - Only $27

Another option for cheap Jersey Boys tickets, if you happen to be a student, is Student Rush. Jersey Boys initially offered ticket discounts in the form of $25 student rush tickets at the box office, but they eventually discontinued the offer because Broadway ticket scalpers were standing in the student rush line, snapping up the rush tickets, and then re-selling them for well over $100 a piece. Subsequently, Student Rush tickets were resurrected in a new form - the mobile lottery. This unique lottery format allowed students to enter a student ticket lottery conveniently online. If his or her name was chosen in the ticket lottery, the student would later be informed of this by text or e-mail, and then they could show up at the theater box office in the evening to pick up their tickets and see the show. After using this method for awhile, the Jersey Boys box office suspended the mobile student ticket lottery around the holidays in 2009.

Fortunately, Jersey Boys has brought back Student Rush tickets, returning to the original in-person rush line format. Effective January 2010, Jersey Boys is offering a limited number of student tickets for select Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday performances. Like the SRO Tickets, the Student Rush tickets are $27.00 each. They are sold on the day of performance at the theater box office at 10:00 AM. Only cash is accepted for these tickets, and the student must show two kinds of photo ID (a non-expired full time student ID and a government-issued photo ID such as driver's license or passport). Be aware that the seat locations may be partial view. There is a limit of two tickets per person per 30-day period.

The primary ticket purchaser must be a student but the 2nd ticket recipient does not have to be a student

One of the great things about Jersey Boys Student Rush is that the second person does not actually have to be a student in order to get these heavily discounted Jersey Boys rush tickets. As long as the person buying the Student Rush tickets is a full-time student with a valid student ID, they are allowed to give the other ticket to any person of their choosing, regardless of whether or not that second person is a student.

Since the Student Rush tickets are being sold at the box office again, and Jersey Boys is such an incredibly popular Broadway show, prospective Student Rush ticket buyers could be lining up at the theater well before 10:00 AM in order to increase their chances of getting these coveted Jersey Boys student tickets. So if you are really intent on getting your Jersey Boys Student Rush tickets, you might want to arrive at the August Wilson Theatre early in order to get at the head of the line.