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Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out in New York City

Wild 'N Out TV Show with Nick Cannon and other celebrity guests

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New York Show Tickets Inc. would like to mention that we are thankfully not affiliated, nor associated, with Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out TV show, MTV or Viacom. We are also not associated with the production companies: Collective Studios, MTV Productions, MTV/Remote Productions, One Louder Productions or 1iota audience who collectively produce the Wild 'N Out TV Show. We believe that Nick Cannon's recent "Cease and Desist" against New York Show Tickets Inc., under the false guise of trademark law, is a thinly veiled attempt to silence criticism of his show in the story below that highlights the poor way they treat their in-studio TV audience.
Wild 'N Out TV Show With Nick Cannon As Host
For people who believed the hype that MTV2 was where music videos go-to-die, you may be surprised to find Nick Cannon's latest incarnation of the Wild 'N Out TV show flourishing on this channel. Wild 'N Out is not just showing up on this channel because it has nowhere else to live, it is actually flourishing on this somewhat marginalized cable channel. Over the last couple of years Wild 'N Out has actually become the highest rated TV show on MTV2 since the channel began transmitting in 1996 as The Box. Wild 'N Out now achieves over a million viewers on this cable channel that just does not normally garner that amount of viewership. The show is also strong with fussy demographics like the millennials, who cannot seem to operate a remote control unless it is part of an app on their iPhone.

Wild 'N Out Logo History:
The Wild 'N Out logo was created by Kevin Van Laken in September 2005. Laken's approach was to portray an urban feel using a graffiti-styled font and the spraypaint accents that surround the words 'Wild 'N Out' further emphasizes that hip-hop feeling. At first glance, one would think that the silhouttes are just vector illustrations, but upon extensive analysis, we could see that the middle figure, holding up his arms, is actually Nick Cannon and the figures next to him are two of his cast members.The cast member on the left looks decidedly like SchoolBoy Q, with his unmistakable bucket hat and the figure on the right looks very much like Jay Z. The looming figure in the center was added by Laken who did this purposely to further express Nick Cannon's power over the entire series, (Cannon being the developer, creator, owner, team captain and host of the show).

Cannon's On Again - Off Again Relationship With MTV:
It has not been all love-and-roses for Cannon's TV show, which has been an on-again, off-again affair with its initial green-light in 2005 in Los Angeles, show cancellation in 2007 and then and its surprising new green-light in 2013 in New York City. The often mercurial MTV (owned by Viacom) decided they could leverage Cannon's new on-screen and off-screen stardom (From AGT as host and marriage/divorce with Mariah Carey) for more ratings. The plan worked, as each Wild 'N Out show now garners a 1.6 share in a market with over 1 million eyeballs watching the show on MTV2 and over 2.5 million people watching the show online in some other media form. MTV has made overtures to move the show from MTV2 to MTV, where their bigger shows reside, but Cannon smartly resisted the temptation to mess with a winning formula. However, in 2015, Cannon brought Wild'n Out back to MTV for the reason being this show is the best show MTV has to offer with higher ratings than any other show currently on either networks.
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How To Get Tickets to Wild 'N Out TV Show

Free Tickets to Wild 'N Out   Standby Tickets To to Wild 'N Out

Free Tickets To Wild 'N Out TV Show

You can order free tickets to Wild' N Out taped at Brooklyn, NYC, just not from us.

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Standby Tickets To Wild 'N Out TV Show

Standby tickets are available for the TV show Wild'N Out, although ticket numbers are limited.

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Should You See Wild 'N Out TV Show in New York City?

Nick Cannon on Wild 'N Out  
Seeing Nick Cannon and The Wild N' Out TV Show being taped should be an entertaining and enjoyable night out, but the show is actually shot during the day! At the taping, it does not take them long to get you into the nightclub mood, it is just a little odd when you leave the studio and the sun is shining outside. Most of the audience at the taping are black, college-age (and under/unemployed) youth and because the show is shot during the day in the work week, the timing works for this audience. Other TV shows shot during this time-slot fill their audience with retired people, but this show is definitely not for them. There are no free giveaways at the show. They do have champagne bottles on the tables, but you quickly learn all those are fake and the show does not provide refreshments. The show has some great celebrities in the line-up, but you are never quite sure who is going to turn up. Getting seats at the tables, rather than standing in the balcony seems to be down to a bit of luck and being there very early. Production assistants seem to seat whites and asians more in the camera line, as they are in the minority. Nick Cannon is friendly/down to earth and provides some hilarious moments during the show taping. Be prepared for a lot of waiting around as the production can take four hours to record just twenty minutes of show footage.
  • Chico Bean and Fat Joe
  • ASAP Rocky on Wild 'N Out with Nick Cannon
  • Black and Silver Teams of Wild 'N Out
  • Wild'n Out audience
  • Wild 'N Out Skit
  • Wild Style Battle
  • Jordin Sparks and Darren Brand on Wild'n Out
  • Timothy De La Ghetto on Wild 'N Out
  • Macklemore as Musical Guest on Wild 'N Out
Nick Cannon Background   Terminal 5 Studio   Get Free Tickets To Wild 'N Out

Nick Cannon's Background:

Nick Cannon was born in 1980 and is a multi talented entertainment impresario with previous roles in movies including Drumline and Roll Bounce. Cannon is also well known as a wannabe rapper and all-around stage and TV entertainer. Cannon found his way onto mainstream American television when he landed the gig as the host on America's Got Talent (AGT) when Regis Philbin and Jerry Springer could not figure how to hang on to this role. AGT also included Howard Stern and Howie Mandel on the show. Cannon also owns the full rights to his show Wild 'N Out, an urban sketch comedy show that appears at the top of the line-up on MTV. Cannon is infamous in gossip tabloids for his rocky relationship with Mariah Carey and subsequent separation and divorce from her in early 2015.

NY TV Studio Address:

24B Greenpoint Avenue
Entrance North of Brooklyn Barge
Brooklyn, NY 11222

California TV Studio Address:
LA Entertainment Center
333 South Boylston Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Age Requirements:
Although the show states that there is an over eighteen requirement, No ID's are actually checked on entry. This also means that audience members can use other people's reservations to get in, IE where the name on their ticket reservation does not match the name on their ID.

Get Free Tickets for Wild 'N Out:

Getting tickets to the show is easy. You just simply answer the question "Why do you love Wild 'N Out?" and pick how many tickets you would like.

You can also get stand-by and advanced tickets. You can only get a limited amount of 4 tickets per person. ID's are not checked so you can use someone else's tickets.

Platinum and Black Teams on Wild 'N Out   Noteworthy Dates for Wild 'N Out   TV Studio with audience

Recurring Cast of Wild 'N Out:

Nick Cannon

Frequent Black and Silver Team Members:
Timothy De La Ghetto
DeRay Davis
Affion Crockett
Chico Bean
Mikey Day
Rasika Mathur
Emmanuel Hudson
Lauren Flans
Corey Holcomb

Noteworthy Dates For This TV Show:

July 28, 2005: Premier of the first iteration of the show.

September 5, 2007: Conclusion of the first iteration of the show before its 6-year hiatus.

May 23, 2010: Reunion episode recalling the funniest moments on Wild 'N Out over the years.

July 9, 2013: Brought back to life with the premier of 5th season after six year absence.

July 2, 2014: The show was renewed and the 6th season began.

February 2015: New shows shot in New York City

When Does This Show Tape?

Wild 'N Out tapes two shows a day at 2PM and 6pm Sundays to Thursdays., This shooting format provides 10 new shows that MTV can insert into the schedule. This format is repeated every three months, that will provide continuous new content for the show transmission.

Standby Tickets Or Arriving Late:
If you want to see this show on standby, your experience will be poor as they place latecomers and standby ticket holders behind the ticket holders on the balcony. This means that these people may not actually see the show without trying to peer over the heads of the people on the balcony and looking through the gaps in their legs. Many standby's just leave the studio when they realize how poor their viewing angle is.
Black and Platinum teams on Wild 'N Out   Person writing on document

Team Colors: Black Squad and Platinum Squad

The format of Wild 'N Out is of an improvisational comedy game between two teams. Cannon heads up the platinum squad and another celebrity guest heads up the other team known as the black squad.
Note: On the first incarnation of the show, the previous definition of the platinum squad was the red squad but MTV asked for this to be changed as TV execs felt that was labeling the red team as "socialists" against "black" people and was also being associated with gang colors in Los Angeles.

Borrowing heavily from shows like Comedy Central's Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wild 'N Out pits two teams against each other in a number of improv games, ending with Wild Style where each team attempts to put down the other in freestyle rap, a-la Eminem in 8 mile Road style.

Special Recording Notes:

There have been problems at this show with audience members chatting and texting on their phones, so the TV production requires that no-one carries a cell phone into the studio and all cell phones are checked in at the front door.

All audience members must also sign a release that allows MTV to use their image, likeness and voice for any purpose they choose.
Capone N Noreaga Lil Kim and Foxy Brown

Rapper on Rapper Insults On This Show Have Not Led To Reprisals, Unlike HOT 97

Due to the show content and format it is surprising that there have been no documented reprisals from participants (or anyone else) demeaned in the show by anything that is said or acted out on the show as trash talk on this show is pervasive. In comparison, the New York Radio station HOT 97 has seen its fair share of hip-hop and rapper violence from on-air trash talk including the 2001 shooting that involved posses from Lil Kim and rival group Capone-N-Noreaga. In another incident in 2013, The rapper The Game admitted to starting a shootout with the rapper 50 Cent at the same location and finally in 2006 Jamal (Gravy) Woolard was shot in the actual studio. Cannon attempts to steer Wild N' Out's participants away from expletives, racial slurs, homophobic comments, sexism and threats of violence, because this show, after all, is intended as a comedy not drama. Given the extreme nature of the celebrities on the show, the over-the-top trash talk and the various demeaning insults traded on stage, many rappers come away feeling that they may have been slighted or insulted and may want to seek retribution after the show. No official incidents of hip-hop violence have been yet been documented in conjunction with Wild 'N Out, but that does not mean that they did not happen or are yet to happen.
Wild 'N Out Girls with 2-Chainz   Person changing channel watching tv   Wild 'N Out In-Studio Audience

The Wild 'N Out Girls:

The Wild 'N Out Girls have been on the show since it first started back in 2005. The cast is ever-rotating and almost always has models, dancers and entertainers as part of the team.. The Wild 'N Out stage is a great platform for the girls to put their faces out there, if they wish to reach the top of the ladder in the music/entertainment industry. The concept of having attractive women on a comedy show, is similar to The Fly Girls of In Living Color, the only difference being that the women actually danced and did much more than just stand or walk across the stage as they do on the somewhat misogynistic Wild 'N Out where they have non-speaking roles, a throwback to the fifties.

TV Viewer Demographic For This Show:

The target viewer demographic for this show is black urban youth and Cannon makes no bones about "being hood" despite his privileged childhood in California and private education in North Carolina. The show fails to cross the color divide and Nielsen data shows that this TV show is a 92% favorite for African American youth or white wannabe rapper youth with little else moving into the viewing demographic.

This demo skew plays havoc with MTV2's ability to sell the advertising space to traditional TV advertisers, but does appeal to more niche brands, that are limited in number.

In-Studio Audience Demographic:

Most of the studio audience is young, black youth. Very few non-black audience members turn up for this show so the show production tends to put Caucasians, Asians and Hispanics front and center, right in front of the cameras to help to redress the social balance.

Non-blacks may have many reasons for not coming to see this show live. Reasons may include not liking rap music, fearing for their own personal safety or not wanting to be associated with the perceived violent rapper lifestyle which can often be the subtext at this show.
Notable Appearances on Wild 'N Out

Notable Celebrity Appearances On Wild 'N Out

Some of the more notable appearances read like a who's-who of black stars and have included hip-hop recording artists, rappers and musical artists Kanye West, Common, Method Man, Rev Run, Bobby Brown, Kelly Rowland, Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Ne-Yo, 2 Chainz, Machine Gun Kelly, Mariah Carey, Big Boi, French Montana, Rick Ross, Nelly, Bow Wow, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, T-Pain, Ray-J, Pete Wentz and Jordin Sparks.

Notable comedians that have appeared on the show are Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart, Cedric the Entertainer, Charlie Murphy and Wayne Brady.

Movie, TV and sports personalities have had a starring roles on this show with Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Amber Rose, Mike Epps, Steve-O, Tara Reid , Serena Williams, Brooke Hogan, Adrien Broner, Pauly Shore, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Strahan all making an appearance. Given that the invited performers are a who's-who of rap and hip-hop artists in the United States, there are many notable absences from this show that include Eminem, Iggy Azalea, Kid Rock, Vanilla Ice and any surviving members of the Beastie Boys.
Terminal 5 Space for Wild 'N Out   Wild 'N Out Stars Mikey Day and Timothy De La Ghetto

TV Studio Space At Terminal 5

Getting tickets to this show is not that hard as they shoot the show early in the day and always shoot it in the large space, that can accommodate over 500 people. The space at Terminal 5 has been specially customized for this TV production and the number of people that it can handle is reduce to 400

When the show gives out too many tickets, they try to accommodate everyone, but the TV show can get out-of-hand very quickly and production can often be difficult with so many people. Some people with tickets do not get in if they turn up late.

Broadcast Schedule:

Given millennial's lack of normal television viewership habits, MTV has decided to forgo the traditional format of TV programming and adopted a progressive approach to programming structure by just looping the most popular editions of Wild 'N Out every other day on the channel. As the show is still in production they will insert a new show into the schedule and pull out a less popular show. Also, they release the shows out of order of recording based on the newly adopted formula of switching comedian focused to rapper focused on every other show. Online videos are released shortly after the television versions, but go onto achieve a higher audience rating but with a lower revenue from ad-sales. Some of Wild 'N Out videos on Youtube are reporting over 3 million views.

Show Transmission Time & Channel:
Wild 'N Out is transmitted at 11:00 PM every Thursday on MTV. The show is very popular on the network, so it broadcasts reruns at random times during late afternoons and evenings.
Terminal 5 Space for Wild 'N Out   Terminal 5 Space for Wild 'N Out   Terminal 5 Space for Wild 'N Out

Taping and Production Notes:

Wild 'N Out is a seven camera shoot with five of the cameras being fixed (two central, one left, one right) and one boom swing camera. This show also uses two remote cameras, that they use for all the close up shots, of which there can be many. They use Panasonic AK-HC3800 HD Studio Cameras for this shoot.

The technical production crew for this shoot is about 40 people. The talent group is about 15 for the teams and ten people for the Wild 'N Out girls. The audience management team comprise about fifteen people and security/cloak room another fifteen people, This makes the whole production for this show about 80 people.

Priority Tickets Are Not Actually Priority:

The audience management company 1iota provides tickets for the Wild 'N Out show. All the tickets that they send out are marked as "priority tickets." But as New York audience members are quick to find out, 1Iota is deceiving as they actually mark all the tickets in this fashion, so anyone with "priority" printed on their ticket has no actual priority over anyone else other than the standby ticket line people. Everyone who has tickets is made to wait on the "priority" line, therefore there is no actual priority given. It is anticipated the reason they do this is to reduce no-shows, if people think they have something special that other people do not have. Standby tickets are the only level lower than "priority tickets"

Lots of Audience Members At The Taping:

This TV show is shot at Terminal 5 in New York City and has a total number of 400 audience members. The studio audience is comprised of 130 people at the 30 tables placed right in front of the stage, 100 people on each side of the two balconies and 70 people located behind scenery and placed at other random places around the studio to fill the space.

The set is made to look like a nightclub, but there is definitely no club feel during the taping, because all the champagne bottles are fake and all the glasses are empty. The show is shot during the daytime, so it takes a while for the crowd to get into the swing of things.
Coat Check Problems on Wild 'N Out

Unreasonable Coat Check:

This show demands that every single item that you have on your person must be checked into the coat check. That includes not just the normal items like handbags, jackets, coats, hats and gloves but phones, wallets, keys, ID's and everything you have other than the clothes you are wearing and your physical self. This type of rigorous scrutiny has never been seen before in a New York TV show taping and it is a very odd experience, much worse than going through security at the airport, as at least there you will get your possessions back. Once you have been unburdened of every worldly possession that you have, you are then forced to wait on more lines, that feed even more lines. By the time 7PM has rolled around production of the actual show has still not started. At 7:05PM they send out a couple of warm up comedians to get the crowd going, often the first one is weak, to make the second one look so much better. At 7:35PM there is a mad rush by the production crew to get things going because apparently they do not want to pay overtime to the production crew and the taping finally begins.

Risk of Coat Check Robbery:
Although Terminal 5 has great security guards, during the production of the show most of their focus is inside the TV studio, which exposes the coat check to possible robbery. There are over four hundred cell phones, wallets, ID's and other valuables in the coat check and based just on the value of the iPhones alone, there is over $140,000 worth of merchandise at risk in a very small space. A problem that no other TV production in New York City has ever faced before, because they would not consider unburdening their audience members of such items and taking responsibility for theft or damage.
Notable Appearances on Wild 'N Out

Best Seats To See This Show:

There are three main areas of the studio for this TV production. There are the ground floor tables in front of the stage, the standing area behind the scenery and the standing areas on the balcony. The ground floor tables are the clearly the best, with the scenery area coming in second and the balcony (where the majority of people are located and are forced to stand for over four hours) comes in as the last choice. Although you might be able to see a part of the show from many areas of the studio, it is best to see the show from the ground floor tables. The people at these tables get to sit down every once in a while, whereas everyone else will be standing for over four hours. To get these seats you have to arrive at least an hour before the scheduled time of arrival. The audience management company will trawl through this group and make sure that it is racially diverse enough to appear on camera, but if you look good and are not wearing logos or white clothing you will have this prime spot to see the show. The people at these tables are the only ones that appear on camera, even though the audience management company will tell everyone that they will be on camera, even on the balconies, which is just not true.
TV show shooting schedule for Wild 'N Out  

Show Shooting Schedule Timeline:

The Wild 'N Out TV show can start at different times, but as an example the show on a given night ran to the following schedule:

3:30 PM Ticket holders arrive early to be on the line for the table seats.
4:30 PM Ticket holders are asked to arrive at this regular time and get in line and fill out release forms
6:00 PM The audience finally gets into the building, but not the studio,
6:30 PM Ticket holders are put through rigorous security and are forced to check all possessions.
7:00 PM The audience is led to their locations on the balcony overlooking the stage, early birds are already seated at the tables
7:05 PM Two comedians come out to warm-up the crowd
7:15 PM Standby ticket line is led into the studio to fill up whatever standing slots are left
7:30 PM Nick Cannon finally starts the show to a bored crowd
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM The show tapes with various short breaks to clean up the stage and get ready for the next take. Show retakes are necessary.
8:30 PM Show taping runs for an hour and finishes at 8:30 PM
9:30 PM The audience finally gets outside after waiting on huge lines to regain all their possessions from coat check
Audiences are held for over four hours on Wild 'N Out

Audiences Are Held For Over Four Hours, Often Five Hours

The Wild 'N Out TV show, in its edited TV transmission format, is about 22 minutes long. This show taping actually takes over 90 minutes of filming to record one episode, excluding the retakes, that can tack on another 20 minutes. In stark contrast, the total time the audience is actually in the studio is over four hours. This fact is not conveyed to audience members ahead of time by 1iota, the audience management company, and the audience's patience wears thin. The ticket reservation states to arrive there at 4:30PM but loading people into the studio takes a very long time and is poorly managed by the 1iota team (who are based out of Hollywood, California).The first tip-off to the huge delay is when you see the audience to the prior show still leaving, from a call time five hours earlier, it is a red flag to anyone who has ever been to a TV show taping before, but the young crowd is completely oblivious.

The problems first start with the audience being forced to wait outside for over an hour and a half in the elements, often freezing cold in the winter. Once they are inside, the audience is forced to go through the rigorous process of unloading all their personal possessions into coat check. That is everything including phones, wallets and anything that you are not wearing on your person - they insist that jackets are checked, even though the studio may be quite cold. When the show is over, there is, you guessed it, a huge line for the coat check with over 400 people trying to get all their worldly possessions back. Depending on the amount of people at the show, getting out of the studio can easily add another hour to the process making the total time spent at the studio over five hours for regular people and over six hours for the persons sat at the tables. No food or snacks are provided to tide people over and one small water bottle each is provided to the small amount of people sat at the stage tables, nothing is provided to everyone else to cover for a five hour stretch.

This production clearly has little concern for the welfare of its studio audience and they abuse the privilege of shooting a New York TV show with young people who do not know any better. Older New Yorkers would have walked hours earlier and they often do. This may be an attempt by the production crew to weed out over twenties, as only naive high school aged people would put up with the terrible taping conditions, it is probably the first time they have ever been on a TV set and Cannon makes full use of that.
Being early is the key on Wild 'N Out

Best Ticket Strategies To See This Show:

There are two good strategies to see this show in the best possible way. They both require you to sign up for tickets in advance, but are considerably different from each other:

The first is to arrive at least an hour earlier than advised and get one of the 130 seats at the 30 tables on the ground floor in front of the stage. This strategy means that you will actually be in the studio for over five hours but will have a great viewpoint and be more comfortable during the show. This spot is also where the talent will interact most with the audience and clearly stage left is the most preferred spot, as it is the closest to DJ D-Wrek. Nick Cannon and the rest of the crew will spend much of their time over there by the DJ. Also, during the warm up, that side of the stage is where all the attention is focused.

The second strategy is to just turn up late (at about 6:30 PM) and hope to get a standing room only slot somewhere where you can see the stage from the balcony. This strategy means you will be in the studio for just two hours and still get to see the show with the minimal amount of effort. If your sight lines are bad, just leave the show, you will also miss the rush by leaving and you will have only wasted two hours.

The incorrect strategy is to be somewhere in the middle of the two strategies because all the standing and waiting for hours on end buys you nothing more than being on the same balcony that the standby's end up on anyway, with maybe just a slightly little bit of a better view. The view from Terminal 5's balconies are sub-par in spots, given its studio set and structural impedances. The balcony view is also at right angles to the stage, so you will have your head and body cricked to one side for 90 minutes during the show, with the standby's constantly trying to push you out to get a view between your legs or between. This show always overbooks audience because of ticket no-shows, so on warmer days there will be more people there vying for the spots. Everyone will get in, but most people will be on the balconies and most of them will have a terrible view of the show, if they can see the stage at all.
Parking for Wild 'N Out TV Show  
Parking For This TV Studio:
The majority of the studio audience for this TV show is inner-city, urban, high school age, youth. Therefore, very few of the in-studio audience drive vehicles to the show. Having said that, the closest parking garage for the Wild 'N Out TV Show is located at:
601 W 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
MPG Worthy Parking
511 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019
The closest parking is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow TV show audience-goers may have the same idea. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues or at least five streets. There is lots of street parking in this area too, that is usually metered, but it may be significantly cheaper than a local parking garage.