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The Maury Show with Maury Povich in Stamford, CT

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Maury Show

The Maury Show - Show Summary

Maury Povich Biography

The Maury Show is a daytime talk show which stars television anchor and interviewer, Maury Povich. Povich's journalistic background and witty style have made a trademark persona that engages both audience member and viewer alike.

Since the show began, it has received a lot of attention from young to old folk creating a rather diverse demographic. The show's guests come on to share personal and rather seemingly private dilemmas on national television to seek out help.The episode names are nutty statements such as, "DNA Will Prove my Dad is Not Your Baby's Father," "Is my Little Sister Sleeping With My Husband?" and "Is My Wife Having an Affair with My Son?"

The Executive Producers Paul Faulhaber and John Pascarella have worked with Maury Povich to create a popular daytime talk show that attracts all types of people from different backgrounds.

Faulhaber has helped the show become a hit for years now and has also spoken highly of co-executive producer Pascarella, describing him an enthusiastic and knowledgeable asset to the show.

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You can order free tickets to The Maury Show. Please check today's free TV show ticket list to see the availability. The show is taped at the Rich Forum Theatre in Stamford, ,CT: TV Show Ticket List

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Standby tickets are available for the TV show The Maury Show although standby ticket numbers are limited. Please check today's free TV show ticket list to see the ticket availability TV Show Ticket List

Should you see The Maury Show being taped in Connecticut?

The Maury Show Interview
  The Maury Show is a wild ride of oh's, ah's and ghastly gasps that combines serious situations with over-the-top guests. When arriving at the studio, the producers tell the audience to overreact to everything that is said on stage. It turns out that this request is unnecessary as the guests that come on the show talk about such crazy life situations that the audience does not need any additional reaction coaching.

Maury opens the show with a live view of a guest accused of being either a dead-beat father, an uninformed father or being a cheater. Maury then proceeds in telling the audience what the rest of the show will be about. He then turns his attention to the accuser then the accused, trying to get all sides of the story. The show then invites two or three other guests in similar situations and will often ask for a polygraph or a paternity test to prove who is right. When Maury reads the results of these tests regardless of what they say, the audience and guests turn into a frenzy. The show is infamously known for the inappropriate language and violent break-outs which is what ultimately livens up the audience and gets them on their feet.
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Rich Forum Theatre   Getting from New York to Stamford   When does The Maury Show Tape

The Maury Show TV Studio:

Rich Forum Theatre
307 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 06901

Previous TV Studio in New York City:

The Maury show was previously taped in New York City at The Pennsylvania Hotel:
Studios USA,
15 Penn Plaza/Grand Ballroom
New York, NY 10001

How To Get To The Studio From NYC:

The easiest way to get to the studio from NYC is to take the Metro North from Grand Central (45 min's) towards New Haven to the Stamford station. It's about a nine minute walk (or 3 minute cab ride) to the Stamford Media Center.

Entrance To The Studio:
The entrance to the TV Studio, at the Stamford Media Center, is on the corner of Atlantic Street and Tresser Boulevard.

When Does This Show Tape:

The Maury show tapes Wednesdays at 7PM and Thursdays and Fridays at 10AM. Tapings can last up to approximately one hour with viewing's of one to two shows.

Number of Performances: 6 shows per week

Age Requirement:
You must be at least 18 years old to attend this TV show
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Get Maury Show Tickets For Free

Get tickets directly from the show. Free tickets to be in the audience. No transportation to the studio is provided. There are a variety of ways to request tickets, you can email the Maury TV show, fill out an online form on the show's website or call the TV show directly.

Get Paid $50 To See This Show

You will get paid $50 per day per person in cash to see this show. On-Set Productions is an external production company that will pay you attend this show. You cannot leave this show and must stay to the very end to get paid. Only persons signed up through their organization will be paid. Attendees who get tickets directly from the show are not paid.

Free Bus Ride From NYC

The TV show provides a free bus ride from New York City for this show. The free bus is only for the Wednesday & Thursday shows and leaves from 125th street, NYC at 7:30AM or 3:00PM depending on the show. For the other tape days, you have to get there by yourself, as no bus is provided, but the studio is not far from the Stamford railroad station, via cab.
Maury Povich headshot   Noteworthy dates for The Maury Show   The Maury Show Audience Reactions

The Maury Show Cast Members:

Maury Povich - Host

Polygraph Examiner:
Ralph Barberi

Warm- Up Comedian:
Mike Royce

Guest Stars:

Trisha Goddard, Raphael B. Johnson, and Dave Vitalli were all special guests on the show. Maury Povich's wife, Connie Chung also made an appearance on the 2,500th episode.

Noteworthy Dates for The Maury Show:

September 1991
: First show to air

November 2007: Celebrates 10 seasons

April 2013: Maury invites young talented kids to the show

May 2013
: 2500th episode premiere

September 2014:
Premiere of 23rd season

Reactions from the Audience and Guests:

The Maury Show is not only known for the heavy dramatics on stage. The audience is also told to be loud and chaotic when shocking subjects are discussed. The phrases "you ARE the father" and "you are NOT the father" stir up the most ridiculous and laughable reactions from both the audience and guests with whoops and hollers as well as crazy dances.

When Maury reveals the results of a paternity test, the guests either jump around the set and dance, run backstage to cry or simply break out in violent rants. These rants often end up in fist fights. Maury Povich sure loves his ratings.
Broadway Show Director   Broadway Stage   Broadway Show Genre
Senior Director
Adam Sorota

Executive Producers
Paul Faulhaber

Co-Executive Producer
John Pascarella

Associate Producer
Andreia Gaspard

Production Assistant
Jordan Hall
  Staff and Creative Team:

Audience Producer Consultant
Lesly Hansen

Production Coordinator
Jessica Bloom

Assistant Audience Coordinator
Joseph Shepherd

Camera Operator
Peter Zivkovic

Distributed By:
NBC Universal Television
The Maury Show is a daytime/tabloid TV show that brings in guests who share private problems from their life. The issues they discuss often require polygraph or DNA tests. The show is also used as a way to reveal secrets which may be distressing to the audience and more towards fellow guests.

Transmission Time:
In the New York area, The Maury Show is transmitted on channel 11, weekdays at 10:00AM and 4:00PM. In other TV markets, the show may be shown on other channels and at other times.

The Maury Show Syndication:
The Maury Show is syndicated across the domestic United States. The show is also sold in European and Asia Pac markets.
Broadway Show Parking - gerald schoenfeld theatre  
Parking For This TV Studio
Parking is available at the Rich Forum Theatre on Tresser Blvd. It is $5.00 for the day and the accept cash and credit cards and you must mention the Maury Show show to get that special rate.
Driving Directions To The Studio From NYC:
Use the FDR, West Side Highway or I278 to get to I95 North. Take I-95 N to exit 8 for Atlantic Street. The Rich Forum Theatre is very close to exit 8 on Atlantic Street.
Public Transportation:
See the section above marked "How To Get To The Studio From NYC"