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Good Morning America Taped in Times Square, NYC

Free Tickets to Good Morning America, Summary, Photos & Description

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Good Morning America
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Good Morning America - Show Summary

Good Morning America (GMA) is a two hour morning show taped daily on ABC from its studio in the heart of Times Square. Like other morning shows it is a combination of news, interviews, weather, human interest and pop culture segments. It is currently ranked number one in the morning show category, due in part to its likeable, laid back anchors; Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer with Ginger Zee as weather anchor.

Conceived in 1975 as AM America, the show was created as competition with NBC's popular Today Show. After failing to find an audience, they turned to one of their affiliates for the answer. The Morning Exchange, out of WEWS Cleveland, was a laid back morning show that focused more on human interest, entertainment and pop culture than it did on the news. It was broadcast from a set made to look like a living room, not a newsroom. ABC adopted this style and format and debuted as Good Morning America in November 1975.

Over the years, Good Morning America has gone back and forth in a ratings war with its rival, the Today Show which airs on NBC. The show has had a string of popular hosts beginning with its first host David Hartman who anchored the show from 1975-1987. During his tenure, GMA became the highest ranking morning show. Other popular GMA hosts from the past include Jane Pauly, Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson.

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Free Tickets to Good Morning America   Free Standby Tickets to Good Morning America

In-Advance Tickets To Good Morning America:

For regular GMA shows, there are no tickets in advance available as they bring in people from outside into the standing area as needed.
For special musical guest shows that may feature a singer or special artist, you can order free tickets in advance. These ticket are limited in number and must be ordered in advance. Please check today's free TV show ticket list to see the ticket availability. TV Show Ticket List

Standby Tickets To Good Morning America:

For regular shows, they do not provide standby tickets as they just grab people off the street from outside and put them in the standing room area outside of the studio.
For special musical guest shows event shows, they do ticket in advance and usually overbook, so there is no need for standby tickets. Please check today's free TV show ticket list to see the ticket availability. TV Show Ticket List

Should you see Good Morning America being taped?

Good Morning America cast
  ABC's Good Morning America is more of a pop culture and entertainment show than its main competition, The Today Show on NBC, which skews to lifestyle programming. GMA's laid back and popular hosts keep things rolling along as they move from one segment to another, many times a segment will be shot from where the audience is standing in Times Square. A normal show could have a segment on gossip, shopping deals, what's trending on Youtube and a celebrity guest appearance or a performance. GMA broadcasts from the heart of Times Square and anyone can attend the show. If you want the best place to stand, you need to get there by 6:30am, braving the elements and gathering crowds. If you look interesting or if you have an interesting story, you may be picked as one of the lucky 100 audience members who get to go inside the studio. This is a great chance to be up close and personal with your favorite GMA hosts and guests but plan on standing, as there are no seats. For the rest of the audience standing outside, they can see the show through the floor to ceiling windows onto Times Square or on the huge LED monitors above. The hosts always take time to chat with the audience and will occasionally pick a audience member to be part of a segment or surprise makeover.
  • Geena Davis on GMA
  • Mario Batali on Good Morning America
  • Carrie Underwood on GMA
  • Bridgit Mendler on Good Morning America
  • Adam Sandler on GMA
  • Oprah on Good Morning America
  • Good Morning America studios night shot
  • Good Morning America cast
  • Good Morning America cast
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Time Square Studios   Good Morning America tickets

GMA TV Studio Location:

Times Square Studios
1500 Broadway
(Southeast corner of 44th Street and Broadway)
New York, NY 10036

How To Get To The Studio:
You can take most subway trains to 42nd Street - Times Square.

When Does This Show Tape?
Good Morning America shoots LIVE Monday through Friday mornings from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Eastern Time.

Age Requirement:
You must be at least 16 years old to attend a taping of Good Morning America.

Get FREE Tickets to Good Morning America:

For the regular weekday GMA show, they provide tickets to get into the studio to see the show broadcast live as well as bring people into the "standing area" of the studio who have been standing outside early or have a great story to tell on camera.

Tickets For Special Musical Guest Shows:

For special shows with a musical guest, they set up a stage in the studio and give out tickets in advance. Musical guests have included Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Carly Rae Jepson and Kelly Clarkson. You can get a maximum amount of 2 tickets per person in-advance to get into the show.

Tickets For The Summer Concert Series:

For the headliner musical acts on the Summer Concert Series, GMA puts up a stage at the at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park and they provide tickets in advance to fans.

TV Studio Tours:

GMA no longer provides studio tours to guests, even if ticketed for a special musical guest show.

For more information about getting tickets to this popular TV show : CLICK HERE
Good Morning America Present Hosts   Past co-anchors celebrating at gma   Emeril Lagasse on Good Morning America

GMA Present Show Hosts:

Robin Roberts - host (2005-present) former ESPN sportscaster

George Stephanopoulos - host (2009-present) former White House Communications Director and political correspondent

Lara Spencer - host (2011-present) former journalist and television host of The Insider and Antiques Roadshow

Amy Robach - news anchor (2014 -present) former anchor of Weekend Today

Ginger Zee - Weather anchor (2013-present) former weekend weather anchor.

Past Hosts on Good Morning America:

David Hartman (1975-1987)
Nancy Dussault (1975-1977)
Sandy Hill (1977-1980)
Joan Lunden (1980-1997)
Charles Gibson (1987-2006)
Lisa McRee (1997-1999)
Kevin Newman (1998-1999)
Diane Sawyer (1999-2009)

Notable News and Weather Anchors:
Paula Zahn
Chris Cuomo
Josh Elliott
Spencer Christian
Sam Champion

Vast List Of Special Correspondents:

It has been reported that GMA retains a vast list of celebrities as "special correspondents."

This strategy has been implemented so the GMA producers have leverage over these celebrities from doing other shows (like the Today Show) by keeping them on retainer.

The list of the special correspondents currently includes many famous names including:

Dan Abrams, Richard Besser, Emeril Lagasse, Cameron Mathison, Brian Ross, David Muir, Sara Moulton, Michael Strahan, Tim Tebow, and Wolfgang Puck.
Jonathan Karl reporting from The White House   Tension amongst co-anchors on GMA

Broadcasting From Unique Locations:

GMA has a limited budget for broadcasting from other locales. The Today Show on NBC has a huge show budget compared to GMA, With that budget NBC are able to broadcast the show from many unique locations around the world. NBC also owns the exclusive rights to the Olympics, so The Today Show always gets to broadcast from the Olympic village for a couple of weeks and garner huge ratings during that time. To compete, GMA producers decided to broadcast their show from more value-driven locations like the USS Enterprise, The White House, The Pentagon, The Vatican and The Tower of London located in London in the United Kingdom. These trips met with limited success.

Rumors Of Tension Amongst The Anchors:

Similar to many of the other morning TV shows in NYC, including The Today Show and Good Day New York, rumors abound about tensions amongst the hosts on Good Morning America.

GMA show Insiders report that George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts are often resented by the other hosts due to the huge disparities in salaries. Also rumored is that Stephanopoulos, a former White House Advisor, considers himself the only true journalist on the team. When Josh Elliott was on the show, he had been a lightning rod for criticism from other hosts, with some calling him "high maintenance" and others a "diva". It has also been reported that Amy Robach and Lara Spencer can barely stand each other, but have managed to get over their differences and reduced the ill-will to a "tolerable" level. Although a fan favorite from his Live with Kelly and Michael show, Michael Strahan was not happily received as a new correspondent on GMA. Insiders report Spencer feeling "threatened." by Strahan's presence as he was a perfect shoe-in for role. It seems that Sam Champion was the person at GMA who helped keep many of the staff tensions submerged and under control, but with him gone, many of the bad feelings have resurfaced and the TV show has returned to a hotbed of competition and some controversy.
GMA Summer Concert Series   GMA studio audience

Live Musical Performances:

Each May through September, GMA hosts the Summer Concert Series featuring big name pop performers. Performances take place at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Brad Paisley are just a few of the big name stars to have appeared.

Admission to most of the concerts simply requires showing up at the park entrance at 72nd street at 6am when the park opens, although some high profile acts have required pre-ticketing through the show's official website.

The show also sponsors a Winter Concert Series with performances held in the studio within view of the outside audience and broadcast on the giant LED screens. Occasionally, Times Square itself serves as the venue, as was the case with Taylor Swift's album launch in 2014.

GMA Studio Audience:

GMA has both an inside and outside audience in its Times Square Studios location. GMA, unlike the Today Show, GMA has 100 standing room spots available inside the studio.

So, if you show up early and are deemed interesting enough, you may be picked for one of these coveted indoor slots where you will be inches away from the GMA hosts and guests. You may also get a studio tour after the show, but this will only happen if the interns are not busy.
Sam Champion leaves ABC   Hotel Claridge and Times Square Studios

NBC poaches GMA Talent:

Popular television personality and weather anchor Sam Champion left GMA to co-host his own show in addition to becoming managing editor at The Weather Channel, an NBC affiliate. This followed a 25 year career working for ABC at both the local affiliate level and GMA. Four months later, rising GMA news anchor and former sportscaster Josh Elliott announced he too would be moving to NBC, his move being to NBC sports. Although not leaving for a particular spot, his non-compete clause prevents him from appearing on the Today Show anytime in the near future.

GMA Broadcast From Times Square Studios:

The GMA studios are located at The Times Square Studios at 1500 Broadway at 44th street. The studios are owned by Disney and the site is the former home of Hotel Claridge (Formerly the Hotel Rector), Beefsteak Charlie's (a low end steakhouse) and the National Theatre.

The new building was built in 1972 and the studios were constructed in 2007 and was designed by Disney Malingering. The exterior features outdoor LED lights and a large news ticker that is visible on many outside broadcasts, not just ABC's.

The ticker is so visible, that it is digitally removed from Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve broadcast on New Year's Eve, with the Times Square Ball being just a few steps away, as there is nothing worse than New Year's Eve revelers being forced to read hard news updates during the party in the Times Square, often about death and other harrowing news.
Chris Brown and Adam Lambert controversies

Adam Lambert Controversy:

After a provocative and raunchy performance on the American Music Award show in 2009,GMA canceled Adam Lambert's upcoming appearance on GMA out of fear of what performance content might be viewed by its early morning audiences during Lamberts set. Lambert was stunned to hear that he had been dropped and tweeted that he would never appear on GMA again. CBS announced that Lambert would perform on The Early Show which airs at the same time as GMA. Lambert has since relented on his GMA ban, and has appeared on the show many times since without incident, even announcing his teaming up with the band Queen for the world tour.

Chris Brown Controversy:

In 2011, Chris Brown appeared on GMA and became uncomfortable answering Robin Roberts' on-air questions regarding his domestic violence issues with pop singer and former girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown tried to deflect the questions to focus on his new album which he was there to promote. After the sit-down interview, he went on to perform his single, "Yeah 3x." Following the performance, he reportedly had a tantrum off camera and threw a chair through a window. Staffers reported hearing loud noises from the dressing room and seeing him storm down the hall shirtless (for no apparent reason). By the time security showed up, Brown and his entourage had left the building, leaving the glass from his dressing room window shattered with shards falling into the street below. Ironically, according to GMA, all of the questions were pre-approved by Brown's people, so the only surprise was Brown's reaction. Had ABC wanted to press charges for criminal damage, Brown's violent outburst could have had serious repercussions, as he was on probation at the time, which may have been rescinded and he would have headed back to jail.
Good Morning America and Today Show mugs   Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott

Competition With The Today Show For The Number One Slot:

In the eternal battle for morning show dominance in NYC, The Today Show has been winning the war for many years, sometimes just by a razor thin margin but with changes at Good Morning America , they have managed to nudge NBC's flagship show into 2nd place. Some pundits have described the success down to Robin Roberts warm and open demeanor on the GMA show, but others have claimed that NBC actually gave away the top position after Matt Lauer's poor handling of the firing of Ann Curry.

Curry was a long time favorite on the show, who brought the formal news segment, that at least kept the Today Show appearing that it was still news, not just human interest and pop culture segments strung together in a three-hour melange of mediocrity. Lauer was rumored to have been responsible for Curry's departure. The morning show war continues to rage on with all kinds of shenanigans going on between the two to try to outwit each other, including stealing each others staffers and signing exclusive contracts with celebrities. While they do battle, CBS This Morning, with a much more newsier format and no in-studio audience is rapidly gaining ground on both of them.

Short Lived Spin off Fails:

When looking to fill the time slot left open after canceling One Life To Live after a 43 year run, the executives at ABC decided once again to compete with the Today Show. After the wild success of the zany and sometimes drunky fourth hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, Good Afternoon America, a fluff, pop culture hour long show debuted with Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott as hosts. It was originally slated for a nine week run, with the hopes that it would pick up viewership and serve as the lead in to Katie Couric's daytime show. After abysmal ratings and horrible reviews, ABC decided not to continue past its initial nine week run.
Robin Roberts and Michelle Obama

Viewers Love Affair With Robin Roberts:

Robin Roberts, the host of GMA since 2005, has become beloved by viewers due in part to her willingness to share her personal health struggles with the television public. In 2008, she underwent treatment for breast cancer. She used GMA as a platform to bring breast cancer awareness and the importance of mammograms to her viewing audience. In 2012 she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) , a disease of the bone marrow, probably brought on as a side effect of her cancer treatments. Coincidentally, her diagnosis came on the same day that she was told GMA had become the number one morning show. Once more she used her disease to help others. Although her treatment involved getting a bone transplant from her sister, she inspired the viewing public to register at "Be the Match Registry," a non profit which matches donors with those in need. In 2012 she received a Peabody Award for allowing her very private struggle to be turned into a public service campaign. Upon her return after a leave of absence, she publicly thanked her long time girlfriend for her support. In a sign of the times, this was not news to her coworkers and ABC executives, who had known and been accepting of relationship for years. This was also the case with fellow GMA host, Sam Champion. It was not that many years before when coming out meant ratings death for Ellen Degeneres (The Ellen sitcom) and Rosie O'Donnell (The Rosie Show).
Noteworthy dates for Good Morning America
Noteworthy Dates for Good Morning America:
  • January 1975 - AM America launches
  • November 1975 - AM America re-launched as Good Morning America with David Hartman as host
  • October 1980 - Joan Lunden joins show
  • August 1986 - Spencer Christian joins as weather anchor
  • May 1987 - Charles Gibson joins and Gibson-Lunden team propels GMA to number one morning show
  • June 1997 - Lunden leaves, replaced by Lisa McRee
  • April 1998 - Gibson leaves, replaced by Kevin Newman; ratings plunge
  • July 1999 - Gibson returns with co-anchor Diane Sawyer
  • September 1999 - Move from Lincoln Square to Times Square studio, enabling inclusion of live studio audience 2000-2005 New graphics, on location tapings and Gibson-Sawyer team lead to higher ratings
  • May 2005 - Robin Roberts promoted from news anchor to Co-host
  • June 2006 - Gibson retires after 19 years as anchor
  • August 2006 - Sam Champion becomes weather anchor
  • December 2009 - George Stephanopoulos replaces Diane Sawyer
  • April 9, 2012 - After 16 years, GMA topples the Today Show from number one rated morning show
  • 2012-2013 - Roberts takes medical leave due to a rare bone marrow disease
  • 2013 - Ginger Zee replaces Sam Champion
  • 2014 - Amy Robach replaces Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer promoted to Co-anchor.
GMA Show Director   GMA Staff and Creative Team   GMA Show Genre
Jeff Winn

Executive Producer:
Michael Corn

William F. Baker
Donald L. Perris

Senior Producer:
Sarah Ruth


Taylor Behrendt
  Staff and Creative Team:

Theme Music:
DreamArtists Studios

Segment Producer:
Emily Gertler

Production Manager:
Matthew Jakl

Senior Broadcast Producer:
Denise Rehrig

Coordinating Producer:
Ross Eichenholz
Good Morning America is a morning news show that is also contrived of musical guests as well as celebrity interviews.

Show Transmission Time:
Good Morning America broadcasts weekday mornings at 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

Show Transmission Channel:
Good Morning America is aired on ABC Network and on other ABC affiliates.

Producer & Distributor:
ABC News Productions
Broadway Show Parking - gerald schoenfeld theatre  
Parking For This TV Studio
The closest parking garages to Times Square Studios is located at:
ICON 1114 Parking
38 W 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
ICON Resource Parking
164 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
The closest parking is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow TV show patrons have the same idea. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues.