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New York City Parades -Canyon of Heroes and Other Ticker-Tape Parades in New York City

Our guide to the various annual parades in New York City that take place monthly, celebrating culture, heritage, and the arts

line Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC

Annual Parades

Parades in New York City draw thousands – sometimes millions – of spectators, on the sidelines and watching at home, to celebrate the parade’s cause and be entertained. Whether celebrating holidays, heritage, the arts, or just the start of a season, New York City parades are sure to be over-the-top, colorful, festive, and loads of fun. Annual holiday New York parades include the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade, Saint Patrick's Day Parade, Easter Day Parade, Columbus Day Parade, Village Halloween Parade, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and NYC Veteran's Day Parade. Highly attended heritage parades include the Tartan Day Parade, Puerto Rican Day Parade, German-American Steuben Day Parade, West Indian-American Day Parade, and the Chinese Lunar New Year and Saint Patrick's Day Parade are holidays but also celebrate the Chinese and Irish cultures. Other fun New York parades to check out celebrate genres of dance, gay pride, the ocean and summer: the New York Dance Parade, LGBT Gay Pride Parade, and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

Ticker-Tape Parades in in The Canyon of Heroes

The other kind of New York City parade are the “ticker-tape parades”. These are triumphant parades that take place usually within several days notice and are reserved for special occasions. The location of the parade is in "The Canyon of Heroes," which is located in the Financial District of New York City on Lower Broadway. Along the parade route there are plaques commemorating the many previous ticker-tape parades. These parades often celebrate a New York sports team victory such as when the New York Giants or New York Jets win the Super Bowl, or the New York Yankees or New York Mets win the World Series, or the New York Rangers or New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup. In the past, ticket-tape parades have also celebrated heroic astronauts, mayor election victories, visiting presidents of foreign countries, military honors, Olympians, and other noteworthy athletes.