Spiderman Broadway MusicalAt the risk of becoming the All Spiderman News Network, we feel we must report on a couple of the latest developments of the ongoing saga of the Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark musical that is supposed to be coming to Broadway in February 2010. The latest news came on Monday when it was announced that Disney is buying out Marvel Entertainment - a very intriguing development considering that Marvel owns the Spider-man brand, and Disney is no stranger to success on Broadway (furthermore, Disney has a pre-existing relationship with Spiderman director Julie Taymor, who also helmed The Lion King on Broadway). The announcement immediately started tongues wagging that perhaps Disney will be able to solve Spiderman's financial woes, which necessitated work stoppage on the production earlier last month. Then today the New York Times reported that work is set to resume at Spidey's home, the Hilton Theatre, tomorrow. The Times cautioned that it is only "modest" construction that is resuming, and not to be taken as a sign that Spiderman is out of trouble yet. Reportedly the show's performers were already told in August that the production may be canceled, so Spiderman the musical's fate is still in the air.