A Catered Affair is now closing on Broadway, with significant financial losses and poor critical review

A Catered Affair is the second Broadway musical to announce its closing following last Sunday's Tony Awards. The under-the-radar Broadway show had been struggling to sell tickets from the very beginning, though it appeared to finally be finding its audience, so the closing announcement is a little bit of a surprise. Given that it wasn't nominated for a Best Musical Tony, and its musical performance didn't come off especially well on the Tony Awards, A Catered Affair probably didn't experience much of a jump in ticket sales following the ceremony, so that likely accounts for the announcement. It is also possible that the show's producers are hoping the closing announcement will generate more ticket sales, which often happens. Unlike Cry-Baby, which is ending its Broadway run this weekend, A Catered Affair will not be closing until July 27. This gives the intimate Broadway show some extra time to continue building an audience and increasing ticket sales - if successful, it is possible that they could end up postponing the Broadway closing date further. But just in case it doesn't, get your discount tickets to see A Catered Affair on Broadway now.