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Breakfast with Santa at Rockefellar Plaza in New York City

Reservation Form to Book Breakfast with Santa at the Rock Center Cafe

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Breakfast with santa

Restaurant Associates

(Lead established from New York Show Tickets)

Breakfast with Santa at Rock Center Cafe
by the famous tree at Rockefeller Center!
20 West 50th Street, New York City

Please print out, complete, and fax to (212) 332 7677

Number of Adult Tickets: [ ]

Number of Children's Tickets: [ ]
(3-10 years old)

Number of High Chairs: [ ]
(Infant to 2 years old)
First Choice Day: _______________ Date:___________ Seating Time:______________
Second Choice Day: _____________ Date:___________ Seating Time:______________

No Personal Checks are accepted. Please use Credit Card for Payment.
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Credit Card Account # ___________________________________________________

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Please fill in the following so that we can mail your tickets and update our database for 2003:
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We will call you if the dates you have requested are full.
Please complete and fax to (212) 332 7677 or mail in an envelope to:
Restaurant Associates, 600 Fifth Avenue, Bldg.17 - Office#6, New York, NY 10020