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The Top Ten Best TV Shows Taped in NYC

A look at the top ten best TV shows taped before a studio audience in NYC, both past and present

lineAttending a live taping of a TV show can be an exciting experience for any fan. New York City is home to many great shows that feature an audience. Here is a list of the top ten best TV shows that have ever taped in front of a studio audience in New York City.
Top Ten best tv shows in nyc
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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show icon The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is an inventive talk show starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon, who got his start on the popular sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, replaced Jay Leno as host of the Tonight Show in 2014. The show still tapes in New York City and airs on weeknights. Popular segments include "Wheel of Impressions" and "Egg Russian Roulette", which have sparked many viral videos.
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The Today Show

The today show icon The Today Show is a cheery morning show that discusses the issues of the day since 1952. The Today Show famously films on the ground level of Rockefeller Center. Due to the unique filming location, anyone can be in the "audience" of The Today Show if they stand outside. This has proved problematic, as one woman infamously bore her breasts while the show was live.
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Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show Icon The Late Show with David Letterman ended its run in 2015 after 4,263 episodes and became The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Over its massive run, the show has endured some controversies. In particular, Madonna's early appearance proved problematic when she used the "f-bomb" over 14 times, asked Letterman to sniff her used underwear, and refused to leave the set.
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The Dr Oz Show

Dr OZ icon For over eight years, the Dr. Oz Show has informed the American public on a wide array of health issues in an easily digestible way. Using diagrams, videos and demonstrations, Oz walks through diet, disease, and bodily functions. Dr. Oz has received criticism for giving unscientific or unsubstantiated advice, and was especially criticized for promoting an ineffective diet pill that aired commercials during the episode's airing.
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The RuPaul Show

Rupaul Show icon For two seasons on VH1, RuPaul Charles hosted a groundbreaking self-titled show that featured celebrity interviews and comedic skits. RuPaul, a drag queen, became one of the first openly gay hosts of a television program with The Rupaul Show. RuPaul later went on to create a show named RuPaul's Drag Race, a cult-hit reality show about competing drag queens. The show ended in 1998.
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Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Daily show icon The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was refreshing in that it provided the news in a satirical talk show format, all while actually informing the viewers about the hard issues. Stewart replaced former host Craig Killborn in 1999. The show soon became a replacement for traditional news outlets for some viewers. Jon Stewart was replaced by Trevor Noah in 2015, after a decade and a half of hosting the show.
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Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake Icon With her self-named show, Ricki Lake created a sensational new genre of television. The tabloid talk show format dealt with real issues that concerned many viewers, such as teenage pregnancy, weight loss, gangs, and drugs. The Ricki Lake Show was cancelled after 11 extremely successful seasons in 2004. Lake attempted to return to television years later, but had since lost her brand and proved unsuccessful.
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Total Request Live

total request live In Total Request Live, the top ten most requested music videos of the day were played on MTV. In addition to the music videos, the show included reports on happenings in the music industry, public service announcements, and screaming teenage fangirls. Carson Daly initially hosted and after his departure, a variety of hosts stepped in. TRL ended in 2008 after a decade-long run.
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Chris Rock Show

chris rock show Outrageously funny and well-written, The Chris Rock Show starred the former Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Rock in a talk show comedy format that included interviews and sketches. The show ended after 5 seasons in 2000 and much critical acclaim. Though it only lasted 5 seasons, the show boosted Chris Rock's career tremendously and established him as a respected comedian.
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Saturday Night Live

saturday night live Saturday Night Live is a weekly live sketch comedy show that is an important element of New York City culture since 1975, and has won 36 Emmy Awards. Famous skits have included "More Cowbell", "Stefon" and "Dear Sister". The show has spawned many stars, including Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler. The show still records live every Saturday night in Rockefeller Center.