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line Getting tickets to TV shows in New York City can often be difficult. We have a TV Show Ticket Guide that gives you all the secrets to get tickets to the TV shows in New York City.

TV Show Ticket Guide

The guide contains comprehensive sections that will enable you to get tickets to the shows on short notice and offers some great advice that only an expert in this field could give you. The information that we have compiled is exclusively ours and cannot read on any other web site - in fact many other web sites will give you the shows "Official" policy - which is usually wrong.
Even the official show web sites post misleading and downright wrong information in a bid to limit the amount of people coming to the shows. Free tickets are always popular in New York and you are going to need our help in getting one of those elusive tickets.
We tested all the telephone numbers, visited all the addresses, talked to all the insiders and got into all the shows time after time - we are the experts at getting you in in too - You will be able to read our excellent advice.
The information is updated weekly so you can always be sure that you are getting the latest information.


1 Months Access to the Online TV Show Tickets Guide that tells you all the secret information about getting tickets to the New York TV Shows is just a $3 flat fee.
The online guide will change many times during the month, but you will have access for the whole month
Price $3 (This is a one time fee - there are no recurring charges and your access will end after 30 days)

List of Current New York TV Shows

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